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Change We Can Fear For

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Barack Obama may deliver “change we can believe in,” but does he offer “change we can live with?”

Aside from all of his carefully crafted slogans and rhetoric, many people just do not know. Sen. Obama’s ambiguity has led him to become the most feared major Presidential candidate in modern history. Fear of Sen. Obama’s potential election goes beyond the usual disagreements in policies. Many fear that if he is elected, irrevocable harm could befall the nation. Callers to Conservative talk radio shows across the nation are “scared” of Obama being elected. This fear was not prevalent in the same callers during Hilary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency.

Additionally, this fear is not evident in Liberal callers to Air America over John McCain’s Presidential bid. Animosity, dislike, and repugnance- yes, but fear- no. This fear of Sen. Obama’s Presidential bid comes from the fact that his real ideology has been deliberately and meticulously concealed behind a veil of slogans and oratorical grandeur. Nobody knows what Sen. Obama actually believes. This lack of understanding has produced a candidate of fear.

Come November, voters need to ask themselves: Can we trust Sen. Obama with the Presidency, or does he only offer “change we can fear for?”

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Written by Bill Everson

September 26th, 2008 at 3:24 am

Posted in General

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