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Be afraid America, be very afraid.

For the first time in American history, a socialist has the potential to become President. Barack Obama has carefully crafted the facade of a mainstream Democrat; one who is in touch with typical Americans.

However, his Congressional voting record and Marxist campaign statements show a candidate more aligned with socialist ideologies. The American Conservative Union (the predominant institute for measuring political ideologies) gave Sen. Obama a lifetime score of 7.67. To put this into perspective, self proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders received the near identical lifetime score of 6.34. This alone does not indicate Sen. Obama is a socialist, but in conjunction with some of his campaign statements, it does.

Sen. Obama believes that governmental regulation is a good thing. In Friday’s debate, he claimed “this notion that … the less regulation we have, the better off we’re going to be” is false. He sees governmental regulation as a means to balance the inequality of outcome the free market provides, much like socialists do. Sen. Obama also believes in the dominance of the middle class though the rise of the lower class and the subsequent annihilation of the upper class. He believes “tax cuts for people [upper class] who don’t need them and weren’t even asking for them” are wrong. His belief on taxes for the rich and handouts for the poor is identical to socialist ideology.

Is America really ready for its first socialist President, or will the American people say no to Barack Obama?

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Written by Bill Everson

September 29th, 2008 at 3:14 am

Posted in General

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