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Die Obama-Jugend

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A recent perusal of the web by an unnamed CSM Conservative operative uncovered a worrisome video created by a fringe group of Barack Obama zealots, and the propagandized children thereof (the link is, or go to YouTube and search “Obama youth”). Manipulated by shameless parents, this group of disenfranchised little kids professes their unwavering support of Presidential candidate Barack Obama through the art of song.

Resembling a modernized Nazi propaganda jig, the kids sing: “Obama’s gonna lead em. We’re gonna change it, and rearrange it. We’re gonna change the world.” This hymnal-esque song to Sen. Obama is just another in the long line of Obama supporters proclaiming their undying loyalty to their Liberal lord and savior.

This new direction that politics has taken is highly disconcerting. It is not merely enough to respect and admire our governmental leaders; we have begun to worship them. From Che Guevara style campaign posters to idiomatic yard signs, Sen. Obama is more than just a political candidate for the far left. To them, he is the messiah of change. Change to a quasi-socialist’s dream: a government that provides “cradle to grave” comforts to all its citizens through the attenuation of choice and freedom. A government, analogous to the ones found in Europe, where individuals are no longer responsible for their own choices, the government is.

For the extreme left, Sen. Obama is the messiah to bring about this change. Therefore, he is one worthy of more than just praise; he is one worthy of worship.

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Written by Bill Everson

October 10th, 2008 at 3:17 am

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