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Gracious in Defeat

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Gracious in Defeat

Every four years, we have the privileged opportunity to witness one of the greatest spectacles of human liberty in the world: millions of free individuals deciding who will lead the nation they call home. This year, the winds of change blew resoundingly, as Democrats swept both the Presidency and Congress. These spectacles provide us with precious insight into the constituencies of the Democrat and Republican parties; particularly, how they deal with defeat. Flash back to four years ago. President Bush had just defeated John Kerry in the bid for the White House. Upon Pres. Bush’s victory, Kerry supporters disavowed George Bush as their President. This rejection of Pres. Bush became so popular with Democrats that even years after the election, “Kerry-04″ bumper stickers where still proudly displayed; affirmations to the drivers view that “Bush is not my President.” Pres. Bush was not “their President;” therefore, they felt justified in berating everything he did. Pres. Bush could do no good in their minds. Fast forward to today. What if Pres.-elect Obama lost? Many writers and analysts (including many liberal ones) believed that if he lost, rioting and violence would ensue. But, Pres.-elect Obama did not lose. How did Republicans react? There where no riots- there was no violence. Republicans have embraced Pres.-elect Obama as their President. Even his staunchest critics show him the respect worthy of an American President; respect that was likewise never given to Pres. Bush. Will this respect last, or two years from now will we still see nostalgic “MaCain-08″ stickers plastered to the end of Republican cars? Only time will tell.

Written by Bill Everson

November 5th, 2008 at 3:09 am

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