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    Separation of Church and Law

    I just got the email from Derek Morgan about who won tickets to see Barrack Obama speak tomorrow. I didn’t get one. Ah well. I found out about the event last night and volunteered to help with parking tomorrow, for the sake of helping the campus. I’m jealous because my homework buddy got a free ticket from a giveaway at the apartment complex next to my house while I was gone for the weekend, but I suppose just seeing the campus turn into a zoo tomorrow will be enough entertainment.

    When I heard about the event, an idea that I have been turning over in my head for a while surfaced immediately. Many Christians I know are taking a hard look at Obama’s faith and personal beliefs. On the other side, the “religious right” is decried for attempting to turn the United States into a religious state. I think many have failed to ask the question of whether laws that are believed to be supported by the Bible should be passed and enforced. Two of my favorites here are the issues of abortion and the war on drugs. A prominent argument for keeping marijuana illegal is that many are kept from using because it is illegal. The same goes for abortion: if it were illegal, there would not be as many abortions.

    From a Christian perspective, preventing people from doing something because it is illegal is missing the point. God doesn’t care about what we do as much as the attitude of the heart. Jesus said that if you think about killing someone, you have as good as done it. Stopping yourself from killing or stealing or littering because of the legal consequences alone is not what God wants. He wants you to do good and avoid evil because of a love for Him. Anything less is putting your faith in the law and powers of this world. I’m obviously a lot less socially conservative than most of my Christian friends, but not because I think that we would all be better off if we could keep a little weed around. Think about this as the election approaches. In other news,

    I just learned that I have the highest readership of the blogs in the Oredigger, so thank you all so much. I’m honored. Stay tuned for what happened this weekend at the Men at the Cross retreat!

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