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    Community, Part One

    “The LORD God said, “It is not good for man to be alone…”
    Genesis 2:18

    Today’s post is a continuation of Monday’s, so read that first if you haven’t yet.

    Two summers ago, I was on a short missions trip to Santiago, Chile. I learned plenty of Spanish (which is very rusty by now), but I learned a lot more about their culture. While I could do without the overflowing affection and making out everywhere (you would have to see it to believe it), there was a very interesting contrast between their lifestyle in college and ours.

    Young men and women in Chile would usually stay with their parents throughout all of college and sometimes even later, and things like dorms and apartments with roommates are unheard of. We mentioned to one woman that we all lived alone or away from home, and her reaction was “Que horror!” (How horrible!) She then told us that the only day her daughter would be alone would be on her wedding day.

    The reason why college is such a good time to “find yourself” or “figure out who you are” is because you are free of almost all outside responsibilities and expectations. Your one duty to parents might only be to send home decent grades, and you have no family or children to support. This is surely appealing to many, but I have been through enough of life to have a healthy distrust of myself and my motives. If you are really good at insulating yourself from authority, you can grow and develop without influences from God or those who have gone before you. If you are really good at avoiding responsibility, you can live without apparent consequences to others. Again, this may seem appealing, but at the end of the day, it is hard to unlearn bad habits and realize what you have lost from denying the consequences of your actions. I believe that God’s solution, regardless of the stage in life, is community, and I will focus on that next time.

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