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    What To Do?

    First, a parable.

    There was once an inquisitive babysitter who was working at a young couple’s house one evening. A few hours after the little girl’s parents left, the girl came up to the babysitter and asked a strange question: “Can I have a stick of butter to eat?” Naturally, the babysitter was confused, and told the girl that she could not have one. The poor child was disappointed, and ran away pouting. The babysitter was almost sad enough to change her mind and let the girl have one, but she decided the girl’s parents would not be happy. When the parents came back that evening, the inquisitive babysitter told them of the strange question. The parents told her that the little girl was in fact allowed to eat sticks of butter. They explained that the little girl very much enjoyed them, and that they could not help but give their precious child what she wanted.

    Last week, before break, I wrote about a conversation with a friend. The conversation brought up the following question: Why do we need God to tell us what is right and wrong, when He gave us perfectly good minds to figure that out on our own? My answer, which I did not give in the last post, is that we are very often not capable of making these decisions of morality on our own. I think we can all recall times when we were trying to do the right, loving thing, and it ended up hurting someone. If you can’t, you probably aren’t thinking hard enough. This is the cause of a wide variety of things, from why people stay in abusive, enabling relationships, to parents doing the wrong things for their children because they think it will make them happy. More on this next post.

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