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2008-10-27 - 14:23 | Uncategorized |

Hello, I’m Robby Gill. You may remember me from the Liberal Blog on this site. I have decided to give up writing that in return for one of my passions: video games. I think the Angry Video Game Nerd summed up my childhood well in this Dick Tracy episode: I was the kid who was doing his schoolwork for the sole purpose of gaining the privilege to play video games.

I’m hoping to bring the news about new developments in the gaming world. However, do not expect me to be unbiased: I am an Xbox supporter to the grave. Xbox Live is truly one of the best multiplayer systems out there. I don’t care if it costs money; it is well worth whatever I have to pay. Yes, I enjoy waving the Wii every once in a while, but nothing beats shooting up my friends around the world. I bring news I may not have a WOW account, but when it comes to Xbox, I will be there.

I also want to review new and old video games. There are some games out there that haven’t gotten a good bashing in a long time (cough…Quest 64). I will deliver judgment to those games that make grown men cry! I am not unreasonable; if there is a legitimate reason something is wrong (albeit rare), I will acknowledge it. Otherwise, do not expect pity from me. I’m always open to suggestions as to what should be reviewed. If you have any ideas, please either e-mail me at rgill@mines.edu or send me a message on Xbox Live (my gamertag is SparkPlug3).

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