Call of Duty: World At War

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I’ve been watching Gametrailers TV recently, and they did a special on Call of Duty: World at War. Following the success of Call of Duty 4, World at War carries many similar traits (such as the online experience system). For those of you who haven’t played CoD4 before, every kill and accomplishment you complete gives you experience points in the system. Like an RPG, you gain levels based off of your experience points. New levels unlock new challenges, abilities, and weapons. World at War makes a few improvements to the system, but there is one change that really makes me angry.

Looking at the positive new features, World at War will feature another perk slot. Perk slots are modifiers to your character such as stronger bullets or being able to sustain more damage. The new slot will be perks for vehicles since the game will be reintroducing vehicular combat. Another positive change is that the new coop campaign mode allows you to gain experience besides in competitive mode. This is perfect for those who join in the fight later. It also adds replay value to the main game (something that CoD4 lacked even with its innovative story).

What is going to suck is that the game will have a flamethrower. The flamethrower will be an extraordinary weapon in that not only will you deal heavy short range damage, anything on fire will remain on fire for a period of time. The concept is awesome, but the implementation sucks. In order to unlock the weapon, you have to get very close to the end of the experience levels. Thus, only dedicated players will be able to spawn with the weapon. This is a horrible idea. New players are going to be devastated by the weapon and will get discouraged quickly. While it is possible to pick up weapons from killed players, they still have to jump through hoops to get the weapon. If it could be unlocked sooner (for instance, in the middle of the experience levels), then there wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

Maybe the problem will work itself out somehow. I won’t know because I don’t plan on getting the game until at least winter break. For those of you planning on playing sooner, the game will be released next Tuesday. Good luck, and to those of you who are hardcore gamers: happy cooking!

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