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As you probably all know by now, I love the Xbox 360. Hence, it was only a matter of time before I would do a Gears of War 2 review. Remember, I’ve only rated arcade games before. I expect a lot less out of them. Also, this review will have spoilers for the ending.

GoW2 begins after the Lightmass Bomb was dropped in the first game. Of course, the bomb didn’t kill the entire Locust Horde and now they are angrier than ever. Thus, COG only has one option: to go on the offensive. As Marcus Fenix, you get to venture underground again to see what the Locust Stronghold truly looks like.

Fans of the series will notice that there is a much greater emphasis on storyline in this game. Epic Games attempted to answer many questions raised during the first game such as who Dom is looking for or what happens to people who are captured by the Horde. GoW2 keeps the dark, desperate theme that the series thrives on. Best of all, all the characters from the first game have come back for a second helping (even Carmine’s brother).

Epic made very subtle changes to the cover system. One that I’ve been enjoying to its fullest is the faster mantling (when your character reaches the exposed point, he moves faster and you don’t take nearly as much damage). I have to complain about the snapping system, though. They made it a lot easier to move off of cover. Unfortunately, they made it way too easy and I’ll end up exposing myself to a machine gun at the worst possible moment.

There are many more vehicles in the game. You get to fight on a transport, drive a tank, and even pilot Locust vehicles (such as a Reaver). You even get to ride a Brumak for the last level. The game does lag a bit on that level due to the amount of enemies on the screen, but the lag is well worth the awesomeness of the ride.

I haven’t had a chance to see much of the multiplayer yet, but I can say this: the co-op modes are awesome and the competitive modes are a bit sketchy. There is a new co-op mode called the Horde where you and up to four (no, that is not a typo) other friends fight to hold off wave after wave of Locust on any multiplayer map. This mode adds hours and hours of enjoyment to the game play.

From what I have seen of the standard multiplayer, Epic should never have put in proximity mines. There may be a way to diffuse them, but it is definitely way too frustrating for new players. Give me my chainsaw any day! Also, you cannot take guests into random battles, meaning you better know eight other people playing at one time if you want to take a guest online.

Overall, GoW2 is an awesome game. With a few touch-and-go problems, I give this game a 9/10.

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