The New Guy on the Block

2009-02-05 - 14:44 | Uncategorized |

Hey everybody, my name is Ben Goertz and I am the newest blogger on the Gamers Unite! blog for the Colorado School of Mines’ Oredigger newspaper. Robby and I are roommates at Mines Park and we had the brilliant idea of having myself join the staff and write some of my gaming opinions. As you may have noticed, Robby focuses more towards the “hardcore” gaming audience and beat-’em-up games the majority of students like to play. I, on the other hand, own a Wii and like the more casual games anybody can enjoy. It is because of this that Robby and I believe this new arrangement of casual and hardcore games will allow for more to enjoy the blog and help some of those “non-gamers” see the other side of video games that make the genre a little more family friendly. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some new and classic games that will calm you down after a long day of school and get you ready for the challenges ahead.

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