More Difficult Pushups

September 23rd, 2008

Today I will be covering more types of pushups; these are going to be more difficult pushups for those who are already in shape and looking for a challenge.

One of my personal favorites is the rolling pushup. These are done by lowering one arm while keeping the other straight and as you push the one arm back up, you lower the other one, creating a “rolling” effect. This is a great isolation exercise for the shoulders. Another type is to stagger your hands. Place one about one foot ahead of the other, do a set, and then switch your hands to create balance while working your muscles. Balance is very important and I will go more in depth with that topic later.

To increase difficulty, perform pushups with your feet on an elevated object and then push your body up. Perhaps the hardest pushups are the handstand pushups; these are performed by doing a handstand and then lowering your body down until your head is just about to floor level and then push back up. I recommend practicing these by leaning back against a wall at first to build strength and balance and then work up to moving away from the wall. Putting your hands on two basketballs or other types of balls and then doing pushups is another difficult exercise to do and works out your core (abs/lower-back) as well.

There are many other variations or combinations of pushups incorporating those I described above and many that I did not describe that are out there, but I think I provided enough to get a good start. As with all exercises, keep your muscles tight during the motion. I also recommend warming up and stretching before exercising and stretching again after. I will look at various workouts you can do with pushups to get tremendous results. Ladies, I will provide ways for you to get that tone that you want and guys, I will give different methods to put on some bulk and get huge!

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