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Working Out Monday, October 6th, 2008

So here we go, today I will give a good example model of a workout for beginners then on Tuesday I will give an intermediate example and finally on Thursday, I will try to give a workout that will challenge the most physically fit.

This workout routine can be performed in a gym or in your own room, so there should be no excuses about the lack of facility accessibility. To start, make sure to stretch and get warmed up; a good warm-up could consist of a light five minute jog or riding bike for a while, or my favorite: jump-roping. After you finish your stretching and warm up, do one set of as many pushups as you can, rest for about 30 seconds, then do one set of as many sit-ups as you can. This will be your base number that I will base this workout off of.

For your first set, do a quarter of your maximum number of regular pushups. Rest for about 30 seconds and then do a quarter of your maximum number of normal sit-ups. This should be fairly easy, but if it is not, you might want to consider dropping down to an eighth of your maximum rep number. After this first set, rest about one minute.

The next set, do the same routine, except double the number of pushups and sit-ups while maintaining the same rest in between. This time, rest two minutes after you have finished the sit-ups, and then repeat the same set with double your base number of pushups and sit-ups, then rest another two minutes. Next, repeat the first set and then rest two minutes after the sit-ups.

Now, you are going to want to do a set of pushups, but you want to stop at the bottom for five seconds, with your back straight, bum down, and arms parallel to the floor. Do five of these with about twenty seconds in between each one. After the fifth one, rest about one minute and then move on to the next set of abs.

For this last ab exercise, you are going to work your obliques. Do a set of ten twists; these are the ones where you hold out your legs, lean slightly back and then hold your hands together, twist to one side of your body, touch the floor, and then twist to the other side and touch the floor, this is one rep. Wait about thirty seconds and then repeat.

This ends the workout, make sure to stretch again, this will decrease possible soreness following the workout. Depending on how difficult this workout was, you might want to continue it and follow along with the beginner workouts I give, but if you felt it was rather easy, you might want to move up to intermediate level. I would recommend at least a one day rest before doing this again. Rest is a very important aspect of working out. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water and get some food into your body after your routine.