An Intermediate Workout

October 9th, 2008

The purpose of this workout is to provide strenuous exercise that is attainable for most people if they keep working at it. I could provide a workout that would be all but impossible, but no one would be able to benefit from it. This workout is going to incorporate some basic exercises as well as some harder ones that are attainable after some, but not a tremendous deal of practice, if you are already in good shape.

As always, stretch and warm-up before exercising and for this workout, I would suggest that only the fittest people perform attempt it, otherwise there is a risk for injury. For any type of workout, you should be aware of your abilities and limitations as well as any potential health problems you have or might encounter. This workout will increase your heart rate to high levels and will be extremely strenuous on your upper body.

For the first set, do as many pushups in a row as you can, immediately follow this by doing as many sit-ups as you can do. Rest for one minute and then repeat the process ten times. After the last set, rest for two minutes.

Now, do as many rolling pushups as you can; for these you want to switch the direction of rolling every two pushups. I covered these in the pushup section of blogs I wrote a couple of weeks back if you have not heard of them before. Immediately follow the pushups with a set of as many elevated leg sit-ups as you can do. I have not yet covered how to do these, so to perform a rep of this exercise, lay flat on your back and lift your legs about six inches off of the floor while keeping them straight and stationary. Now, hold your hands together and put them behind your head, kind of like you are reaching to stretch (a photo of this exercise is posted with this blog). During this exercise, keep your arms straight and behind your head, it will be a struggle, but will increase difficulty. Now, do a sit-up keeping your legs and arms in the correct position. Rest one minute and then repeat this process ten times, then after your last set, rest two minutes.

For the last set of exercises, do a set of as many diamond pushups as you can. Instead bringing your body down with your hands underneath your body, lower yourself and place your nose in the diamond provided by your hands. Follow this immediately by a set of as many bicycles as you can do. Rest one minute and then repeat ten times.

Make sure to stretch, drink plenty of water, and consume some vital nutrients, such as protein, after this workout. If this workout was still too easy, let me know and I will try to provide one that will challenge you. The workouts this week were designed so that you would not have to go to a gym but could simply do them in your bedroom if you wanted. This will decreases the number of excuses that can be made of why you could not workout. If you are sitting in your room doing homework, watching television, or are simply bored, try one of the workouts and get your blood pumping! Keep working hard and you will see results.

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