Mid-back Exercises

October 23rd, 2008

Today I will cover some middle-back exercises. Some of the exercises I explained this week also work the middle-back, but these work this area more directly.

The first exercise is the one arm dumbbell row: this exercise is a little complicated and form is very important and can be easily messed up. If my explanation of this exercise does not make sense, I would encourage you to ask someone to show you in person. Good form is really the only way to have an effective workout with this exercise and target the middle-back. First you want to find a bench and place your left knee on the bench and then place your left hand on the bench ahead of your knee by about a foot and a half to two feet. Put your right foot behind the bench and keep your leg straight; you want your back flat and sloping downward at about a twenty degree angle with the floor. To accomplish this, try to keep your bum down and puff out your chest. Then, with your right hand, grab the dumbbell and while keeping it close to your body, pull the weight straight up and perpendicular to the floor with your arm until your upper-arm is parallel with your back.

Another middle-back exercise is the bent-over row, which can be performed with either a barbell or dumbbells. Place your feet shoulder width apart, keep your knees slightly bent, and bend over so that your upper body is at about a forty-five degree angle with the floor. Pick up the weight and then pull it up to your body, this motion should be perpendicular with your body. Make sure the barbell or dumbbells come all the way to your chest for maximum effectiveness.

Most middle-back exercises involve a rowing motion, so with this motion you can do rows lying on your belly, on a bench, or you can do rows on a seated row machine. There are many other types, so you can ask me if you want more ideas or you can stick with these. When working back, like with all other muscle groups, it is important to work all components of the muscle area. Back is a huge muscle area and is extremely important for everyday activities, so do not over look working your back. Next week I will take a break from exercises and will give some nutritional advice.

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