A Beginner’s Workout

October 26th, 2008

This workout is designed for people who have some physical training experience but are not “super fit” athletes or gym bums. The exercises will be similar to the beginner workout but the difficulty will be increased and the workout will be more intense.

First, you should stretch and warm-up for about five minutes. If you already know an approximate number for your maximum number of sit-ups and pushups, you can skip the next step. If not, do a set of as many pushups as possible, wait about thirty seconds and then do a set of as many sit-ups as possible.

For the first set, do half of your max number of pushups, and immediately follow this by doing half of your max number of sit-ups. Rest one minute and then repeat this process ten times. If you cannot get all of your reps in toward the end, do not worry, this just means that this is a good workout for you and will allow you to progress in your fitness.

After you have completed the first series of exercises and rested about three minutes, this next set should be performed with an emphasis on good form and controlled movement. Do not try to break good form just so you complete the set. For the first set, do a quarter of your max pushups with your arms placed about double the distance as a normal pushup. Immediately following the pushups, do fifteen reps of bicycles. One rep is pushing out with both legs and when you push back out with the leg that you started with is the beginning of the second rep. Rest for one minute, and then repeat this process ten times, then rest for five minutes.

The final set of exercises should be difficult. First, do a set of one eighth the number of your max number of pushups. For this, touch your pointer fingers together and your thumbs together to form a clover or diamond shape then place them on the ground, this will isolate your triceps. Immediately following the pushups, lay on the ground, hold your head off of the ground about six inches, hold your feet off of the ground about six inches and place your hands in normal sit-up position, then hold the position for twenty-five seconds, or as long as possible. Rest one minute and then repeat this process five times.

Stretch some more to loosen your muscles and remember to drink plenty of water and get nutrients into your body. Next time I will cover an advanced workout if this one was too easy. If this workout was challenging, keep working at it until you are able to complete all of the reps with good form.

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