Weight Gain

November 6th, 2008

Today I will look at some different ways to bulk up for those of you who want to get huge! The main nutrient that builds muscle is protein; a common amount of daily protein recommended is one to one and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight. However, that does not mean you should avoid foods that do not offer a large portion of protein. To gain weight, and therefore muscle, you need to be eating more calories than you are burning; for this to happen, eat a lot of food- carbohydrates, protein, fats, everything. Take the advice I gave about fats and carbohydrates. Some people want to just gain weight without worrying about if it is mostly fat, and then after the weight has been gained, they will diet and burn off all the fat and keep the muscle gained during that “bulking phase.” I tend to avoid having any fat on my body at all, so I pay closer attention to the foods I eat, unlike people who perform this technique.

There are three different types of bodies, ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. It is important to know which type you are so that you can effectively know how to get huge and ripped. Ectomorphs are those people who have a naturally small and even somewhat frail frame. They cannot seem to gain weight no matter how much food they eat and are stuck in the land of the skinny. If this is you, the first thing I will say is stop most if not all of your cardio activities. Burning more calories is certainly not going to allow you to bulk up, so stop burning them. I understand the importance of staying in shape, but if you are serious about bulking up, you have to understand your body and that by doing cardio you will have to eat an outrageous amount of food. Another good tip for ectomorphs and all body types is to eat smaller meals every two to three hours; this allows your body to constantly consume nutrients throughout the day and will not start burning off muscle if all of your excess energy reserves have been depleted.

Another tip is to drink a lot of water, but also a lot of other liquids because water speeds up your metabolism, and this is not something you want. Also, try to get a little less sleep because sleep also speeds up metabolism. This is an initial mass gaining technique and should not necessarily be instituted long term. Sleep also allows your body to recuperate and heal after hard workouts which is necessary to build muscle. So if you are an ectomorph and are struggling to gain weight try some of these different tips, and remember to eat, eat, and eat. Next time I will define the body type mesomorph and look at some mass gaining techniques for them.

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