Gym Etiquette- Space and Equipment Misuse

March 1st, 2009

One of the things that I have noticed in the weight room is that some people insist on doing various exercises in the wrong part of the weight room. Sometimes this is not a huge problem but other times it can prove to be highly inconvenient for other people and even a hazard in some cases.

The most common exercises performed in the wrong part of the weight room are pushups and sit-ups. Some people use the benches by the weight racks to do various abdominal exercises. I can see how they might be beneficial for a workout, but they are not made for doing ab work and in the Rec Center’s weight room their purpose is to have people lift weights on them. There are mats in the back by the treadmills to work on abs. Each piece of equipment in the gym is there for a specific reason and reserved for those who are going to use it in accordance with that purpose. People who are doing abs are usually moving their legs around which can lead people to encroach on other people’s space. I also see people doing pushups near the weight racks as well. This causes the same problems except that they are performed on the ground which takes up a lot of space and can be highly inconvenient. Again, the mats in the back are where pushups are supposed to be done; please do them there.

One exercise that I see done all over the weight room is the lunge. Lunges can be an odd sort of problem because they are so slow, they need a lot of space to be performed, and there is not a set place for them to be done in the weight room. The worst place that I have seen them done is in front of or behind the benches near the weight racks. This creates tremendous problems for everyone who is working there because people are moving around putting weights on the rack and taking them off, going to get water, or travelling to change exercises. If someone is there taking forever doing lunges, the people who are supposed to be there have to maneuver around the person. Perhaps the best place I have seen people doing lunges is in the hallway leading back to the rec gym. It is a fairly long and wide space so people who are walking back to the gym or to the activity room have more than enough room to walk by and there are no people there working out to interfere with. I have seen people doing lunges by the machines and also by the treadmills and bikes. Both of these places are too small and have too many people continuously walking through for the space to be used by people doing lunges.

The main point that I am trying to convey is to, once again, be considerate to people while working out and to do exercises in the specific part of the gym that they are designed for. Each piece of equipment has a specific function and each part of the gym is designed for specific activities. If people follow the layout of the gym and use equipment properly, the gym will be a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

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