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September 7th, 2009

One thing that is painfully obvious the first week of school is the tremendous influx of students who are in the gym. The second week invariably arrives and attendance has dropped significantly. There are different theories for why this occurs.

One is that there is nothing really happening the first week of school so everyone has plenty of time to check out the gym again. By the second week, one of two things can happen. The first is that homework builds up, classes start teaching harder and more material, and people simply find themselves busier. The second is that people realize that working out is not nearly as fun or glamorous as they had anticipated. Personally, I find the first to be a moderate excuse on the surface and the second to be simply pathetic.

I would argue that people blame being busy as a reason why they do not have time to work out to cover the actual reason- they do not want to work out. Virtually no one is busy enough to not have time to work out. Take a close look at what you do during the day, do you watch a couple hours of television? Do you spend hours hanging out with your friends? How many hours do you spend per day wasting away on Facebook or playing computer/video games? These are fair questions to ask because I am certain that the amount of time spent doing these activities could be reduced to fit in an hour workout every day. If people are truly interested in working out, they do not offer excuses for why they cannot work out, they make every effort to go to the gym.

Not liking working out is a horrible reason not to go to the gym. Life involves pain, that is an absolute truth and there is no getting around it. The reason why most people quit working out is that they lose their vision for why they started working out in the first place. It is hard to remember when you are exhausted why you are working out, but if you can keep that vision and be disciplined enough to follow through on your goals, all the effort and suffering spent will reward you later.

I would encourage everyone who worked out for a week and then quit to continue working out. The health benefits are tremendous as well as the psychological and emotional benefits. During school you are probably already paying for membership to your school’s gym, so you might as well use it. Developing the habit of working out now is far easier than after college when you have a job, family, and will have to pay a large sum of money for a gym membership.

Next time I will continue the “Running” series.

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