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Let’s talk about Global Warming as a starter topic. We know that it is happening and we know some of the effects. Why, then, is there still so much debate over it? Even if it is part of the natural cycle of the planet, we’re living on that planet, and something that’s major enough to affect entire ecosystems is certainly going to affect humanity, no matter what the cause.

So, instead of bickering over the cause, let’s just work on the problem. Fossil fuels are one of two possible culprits, so let’s reduce the usage of them by increasing the number of hybrids on the road and investing more in cleaner technologies. Clean coal is another up and coming technology, so let’s focus more on it, especially considering that we have a huge supply of coal. Another way to help reduce consumption of gasoline and diesel is to impose larger taxes and fines on vehicles that don’t meet a requirement of 25 miles to the gallon for vehicles not used for agricultural or construction purposes.

The other possible culprit is that the sun is heating up. I’ll humor that idea for a moment and suggest the wackiest idea I’ve yet heard: putting giant mirrors into space. Sure, it sounds crazy, but it might just work, and if you made them solar panels instead and beamed the energy back to earth in the form of microwaves (Another newer technology), then you’d help provide power, too.

What’s so hard about doing any of these things?

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Written by Ian Littman

September 2nd, 2008 at 1:13 pm

Posted in General

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