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Why Palin?

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I really want to know whose idea it was originally to put Sarah Palin on the Republican Vice President ticket. First of all, she’s the governor of Alaska. Thus, until last week, her notoriety was very low. I think it is very unwise to introduce someone that new into the race at this time.

The next problem is that her policies are way too much like Bush’s. America is definitely looking for something new in both the next President and Vice President. This cannot be helpful for her at all. Then again, if the Republicans are pulling their candidates out of nowhere, it’s kind of logical to assume they might be out of touch with what people want in the mainland.

This leads me to another complaint about her; Palin tended to focus on attacking Biden’s lack of experience in politics. She is the governor of freaking Alaska! She may have experience, but I believe it is safe to assume that the key issues in Alaska are different from the key issues down here. If she were a congresswoman, this would be a different story. Obviously, I’m not voting for McCain, but not picking a big name running mate will cost him more votes.

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Written by Robby Gill

September 8th, 2008 at 1:10 pm

Posted in General

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