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I would like to spend an entry off of the election this week. I stumbled upon an interesting article when I was perusing the news for campaign information. Apparently, some high schools in Chicago are paying students for performing well on diagnostic tests the school gives every few weeks.

I’ve always been for more money for education, but this is a very interesting application. Sure, this could be construed as bribery, but think how beneficial this could be for America as a whole. We’ve all had problems with financing, whether it’s for college, for a project, or just for fun. Now, students will be able to afford more. The Chicago Tribune reported that a sophomore could earn $4,000 by the end of their sophomore year. That chunk of change right there could finish off dues for a semester of college.

There is a good chance that many students will blow it the second they get it, but even that can be beneficial for society as a whole. Spending generates circulation, which is exactly what our economy needs right now. Thus, tax dollars spent on education will almost instantaneously provide returns for everyone. Finally, there will be people that will donate the money to non-profit projects, further increasing returns on the investment. I really think Chicago is onto something with this idea.

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Written by Robby Gill

September 15th, 2008 at 1:16 pm

Posted in General

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