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The Debate

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So, the presidential debates were this Friday, and Obama won hands down. Not only is Obama a better speaker, a quality almost required in a president, McCain never had to call bullshit on anything Obama said. Anything McCain brought up Obama quickly shot down, and the only time at which it might have appeared McCain gained the upper hand, Obama revealed that he, too, agreed with a statement.

It doesn’t help your case when your only mode of campaigning is attack ads. So far as I’ve seen, McCain hasn’t run an ad that merely exemplifies his qualities or policies. All I’ve seen just attacks Obama, many times about his personality, especially the stupid celebrity attack ads. While many people seem to think either candidate would be a good president, McCain seems to be stuck in a world where everything is still black and white, where everything has clear-cut boundaries the world is an easier place to navigate.

While Obama may seem to be naive, he at least understands that the world is not a happy place, nor is it a nice one. He understands that we can’t just go around bombing countries, and that’s why he wins.

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Written by Robby Gill

September 29th, 2008 at 1:04 pm

Posted in General

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