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Yes, that big thing in the sky with the pretty lights. Before the 1960s, it mesmerized every American to an extraordinary extent. Now, on the verge of NASA’s 50th birthday, we are almost completely ignoring the space program, barring disaster or miracle. Sure, it may not be a big deal in this Presidential Election, but we cannot forget about the ‘Final Frontier.’

I have always be one for space exploration. I was delighted to hear the shuttle was going to be retired soon and NASA would be using old school spaceship systems. I have never really liked the space shuttle. Don’t get me wrong; I would love to be able to travel to and from Earth with relatively little turnaround time, but the technology just hasn’t caught up yet.

Also, the shuttle is preventing us from further cosmic exploration. By already having a human-bearing vehicle, it is hard for NASA to convince Congress to fund another one. However, I’ve heard rumors that the economy might delay the shuttle’s retirement. The shuttle has come to the end of its ‘lifespan.’ We cannot let the economy prevent us from switching away from this primitive system. Otherwise, who knows what might happen within NASA?

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Written by Ian Littman

October 1st, 2008 at 1:04 pm

Posted in General

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