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Nukes on a Plane

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Today marks my last entry for this blog, so I went to to find something that would bring my blood to a boil. However, I found something so strange that it deserves to be in this entry. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about the United States of America: this next catastrophe in the making comes to us courtesy of the U.K.

Apparently, U.K. scientists are actively exploring the possibility of using nuclear power to fly commercial planes around the world. Now, I have to say that on paper, it sounds like an awesome idea. Imagine, anyone could fly anywhere in the world without having to refuel. It sounds like a pilot’s dream. For now, that’s what it should remain. We already have enough airport security issues as it is. Imagine what would happen if we started using planes that could destroy whole cities? I may be a liberal, but clean energy is not a good reason to put a bomb in the sky.

Honestly, I was expecting the military to do something like this first. Their radar planes and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles would become so much more useful if they rarely had to land. Plus, I’m pretty sure that our Air Force could keep a vehicle like that safe from enemy fire. It would be a lot easier than defending a fleet of airplanes.

We need more time before we try something like this. I’m not saying we should wait for the world to stabilize (seeing as that has little chance of happening anytime soon). We should wait until we have fusion technology before using nuclear power in airplanes. That way, one accident won’t destroy a portion of the country.

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Written by Robby Gill

October 27th, 2008 at 12:59 pm

Posted in General

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