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First of all, I would like to apologize for my last entry. There was another writer lined up to do this blog, but his schedule filled up so he was unable to take over. Thus, I’ll be writing this blog at least to the end of this week.

Now, onto more important things: I am getting sick and tired of getting political propaganda in the mail. I really don’t pay attention to the referendums and amendments; I say take them for their face value (we can all read, so we should be able to make our own decisions). Yes, the wording is complex, but you should not rely on ads for this. Do what I did and crack open a newspaper. There is still some political spin in here, but at least they are looking at the wording and explaining their position.

What is really getting on my nerves are all of the pro-McCain letters I am receiving. I’ve already voted, so it’s a little late to be changing my opinion. I have one question for the McCain party: do you really think that you will win this election due to a mass snail-mail bombardment? These letters are so frustrating that I’ve been known to use them for anger management. On the last one, I bit the head of the guy on the front cover (I spat it out because he was disgusting). Stop sending letters, the elections should be decided in active forums, not in our mailboxes.

I’m interested in co-writing this blog with another person. If you want to write for this blog (and are interested in making a little bit of cash on the side), please send an email to

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Written by Robby Gill

October 29th, 2008 at 12:57 pm

Posted in General

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