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by Greg Davies

Who is Sarah palin?

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In many ways, Sarah Palin seems like she was chosen specifically for her list of personal traits.

Her steadfast disapproval of abortion should gain respect from the sort of Republican faithful who may have felt left behind by McCain. Additionally, her child with Down syndrome and pregnant daughter shows that she stands behind her pro-life policies in her personal life. Also, she is clearly pro-Second Amendment, which further buys her points with Republicans, as does her son in Iraq.

Sarah Palin also helps bridge the attractiveness gap between McCain and Obama, and possibly wins more of the coveted mother votes.

However, none of these things really relate to important issues, but instead appeal to people’s personal experiences and biases. Sarah Palin’s actual political stances are largely obscured by her lack of national level impact and past attention, as well as her lack of communication to the press and public in general. This lack of information demonstrates a general tendency in politics to ignore important issues in favor of trivialities.

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Written by Greg Davies

September 29th, 2008 at 2:30 pm

Posted in General

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