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Hello Readers, before I begin ranting and raving on a myriad of topics (just you wait!), I believe I should introduce myself with respect to future content. Many on campus know me as the face of, and force behind, the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) Democrats. Why am I writing for a Moderate blog?

Based on the (too) rigid US partisan definitions, I fall strictly under no label. My views don’t even stay on one side or in one corner. I am on the fence within politics and about politics in general… For now, here are two main things you should know:

1. I utterly despise politics.

The arguing, the ‘side-picking,’ the misplaced loyalties, and the manipulating are all horrific, ginormous impediments to government. No political party is devoid of any one of these traits. ‘Politics’ is self-centered strategy with short-term focus.

2. I do believe in government.

And its not the size that matters; it’s the motion of the ocean. I believe in effective, uplifting and fair government. Can this be achieved? Yes. Will it ultimately be corrupted by men? Ah, the irreparable breach between idealism and realism…stay tuned!

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Written by LB Williams

February 7th, 2009 at 10:10 am

Posted in General