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Album Review: Even If It Kills Me

by on Sep.24, 2007, under Album Reviews

Two years since the release of their breakthrough album Commit This To Memory, Motion City Soundtrack are back with their new disc Even If It Kills Me. Motion City Soundtrack have developed their trademark sound of 80′s style keyboards, strong vocals, and power chords into one of the most anticipated albums of 2007. Even If It Kills Me is the modern story about heartbreak, soul-searching, and falling in love again with someone described as “…the pizza of my eye.”
The album starts off with a burst of energy and the catchy tunes “Fell In Love Without You” and the single “This Is For Real.” Ironically, the most upbeat tracks focus on the distress caused by a serious breakup. The synth-driven ride continues through several songs, although the album does become slow and thoughtful for “The Conversation,” but picks up again with “Broken Heart.” Ending on a solid note, the title track “Even If It Kills Me” wraps up all the loose ends presented during the album’s story, leaving the listener with an optimistic tone.
Justin Pierre, Motion City Soundtrack’s lead singer and lyricist, has written songs that are easily accessible, quirky and ironic, yet at the same time remain frantic and reflect on his own personal issues. This record is a great listen for a fans of pop-punk, yet it still reaches deep enough lyrically and musically to be enjoyable for connoisseurs of indie music.

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Album Review: Once

by on Sep.10, 2007, under Album Reviews

Quick note: This was my first article for the Oredigger back in Fall ’07, I did it to show Jake how to write music reviews. Looking back this was not my best work, but somehow we’ve made it to where we are now. Enjoy


In 2006, Glen Hansard, lead man for the Irish rock group The Frames, teamed up with Czech pianist Marketa Irglova and stepped out from obscurity onto the international film and music scene with the release of Once. Recently, Once made its way to America and the film arrives with its sensational soundtrack.
Fans of musicians such as Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, Coldplay, and Snow Patrol will fall in love with the smooth, yet distinct harmonies that Hansard and Irglova create on tracks such as “Falling Slowly,” “If You Want Me,” and “When Your Mind’s Made Up.”
The overall tone of the album is a mix of aesthetic instrumental parts with powerful lyrical content. In fact, the soundtrack for Once does not sound like a movie soundtrack, but instead stands on its own as an alternative-indie record.
Listening to Once has a timeless quality, it speaks powerfully as an honest story about love, yet does not suffer from being a romance movie soundtrack.

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Album Review: Boxer

by on Sep.10, 2007, under Album Reviews

The National, formed formed by a group of friends from Cincinnati in 1999, have released three albums, featuring morose lyrics and soft, subtle melodies. Their most recently released album, Boxer, is no different, providing a melodious landscape which incorporates both Indie-rock guitar riffs and near-Baroque string sections, which are common in the latter half of the album.
The driving force of Boxer is the deep baritone of lead singer Matt Berninger, coupled with a forceful rhythm ruminating from the drum set. Berninger’s lyrics tend to be initially obtuse but turn poignantly poetic – even dark and looming at points – over time, tying in perfectly with the mellow feel of the songs.
The National, which garnered slight attention with its 2005 release Alligator, has created in Boxer an ambient description of the loneliness prescribed by an empty street corner in a major metropolis. However, the juxtaposition of placid guitar riffs and the almost violent drumming creates enough tension to prevent the album from simply being background noise.
Boxer provides a gripping take on a subtle sound – ominous dread looms in the lyrics, while mellifluous melodies soar high above and create an album which is certainly worth considering.

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