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UMS Preview: Thursday & Friday “Must See” Bands

by on Jul.22, 2009, under Blogs


John Common (Michaelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar, 7:45 pm): One of Denver’s more infamous musicians, John Common is always up to something. Whether it’s the People’s Kazoo Orchestra, or a John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light show, he’s sure to surprise you.

Maxwell Hughes (The Irish Rover, 9:15 pm): I remember seeing this guy’s guitar slap-style at open mic nights up in Fort Collins when I was in high school, it’s really quite entertaining to watch and listen.

Everything Absent or Distorted (Hi-Dive, 11 pm): Since the recent news that these guys are calling it quits soon, be sure to catch them while you still can.

(ok, now you have to choose, I’m going to suggest 2 different sets that go down at the same time)

The Photo Atlas (3 Kings Tavern, 11:55 pm): I’ve always been a big fan of TPA, mainly because they combine my two favorite things: peanut butter and chocolate dancing and punk rock.

Langhorn Slim and the War Eagles (Hi-Dive, 11:55 pm): Just added to the line-up as the main headliner for Thursday, these guys are sure to pack out the Hi-Dive (even if it is a Thursday night).


Hello Kavita (Indy Ink, 8:15 pm): Ever since the Westword Music Showcase, I’ve been itching to see these guys again. I think they’re Denver’s answer to Wilco, without the ridiculous costumes that Jeff Tweedy is wearing these days.

I just realized the rest of the bands I am going to suggest are at the Hi-Dive, take no offense other venues.

Elin Palmer (Hi-Dive, 8:45 pm): Beautiful folk tunes are what Elin Palmer is all about, listen to her set from the Westword Showcase at The Flat Response to know what I”m talking about (click here).

Bela Karoli (Hi-Dive, 9:30 pm): What’s not to love about avant-pop-chamber music? This is another group that everyone needs to see more of, and here’s your chance.

The Wheel (Hi-Dive, 11 pm): This man is on a roll (no pun intended), but seriously… The Wheel just won at the Westword Awards, and always manages to improve on their live show.

Houses (Hi-Dive, 11:55 pm): We just heard this week that Houses finished recording the Summer EP, so here’s to hoping for hearing some of that sweet tunage during the UMS (they’re also playing 5:15 pm on Sunday in the Goodwill parking lot).

Remember, for tickets (which are uber-cheap) and a full lineup, hit up

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2 comments for this entry:
  1. Beef

    New to the blog. So glad you’re here. I have been hoping that somebody in Denver would start a blog like, and you guys are right there. Would love more links, and streaming, if possible. How about a podcast? Keep up the good work. And thanks.

  2. Tim Weilert

    just wait until the school year starts, then I’ll have my full staff back and we’ll be rocking out more stuff than you’ll know what to do with. As far as a podcast goes, we’re not doing exactly that, but I am curating a compilation of Denver bands, expect to hear more about that soon.

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