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The Best Things 2: Electric Boogaloo

by on Sep.22, 2010, under Downloads

It has been waaaaaaay too long since I did a “The Best Things Are Free” post. There’s been a multitude of incredible home-grown music released for free in the past few months; here are a handful to keep you occupied.

A bunch of releases from Patient Sounds: Matt Sage & Co. have been keeping busy in Fort Collins releasing tapes, going on tour, and being featured on NPR. Patient Sounds tends to put out at least one new lo-fi release per month these days. Highlighted above: Littoral Drift (Brett Taylor), Lush Cola (Tim Perry), and the Patient Sounds summer sampler (featuring M. Pyres, Ambassador Engine, The Good Old Fashioned Sinners, and more). Also check out Black Tape & Cast Off/Cold Months, collections of M. Pyres b-sides and music for the coming winter.

Pretty Lights – Spilling Over Every Side EP: The second chapter in a trilogy of EPs, Spilling Over Every Side reminds us all why Pretty Lights has become so popular in the last few months. Not only has Derek Vincent Smith sold out Red Rocks, but he did it without charging for his music.

The Pseudo Dates – 400 Some Odd Songs in 400 Some Odd Nights: Possibly one of the best records to come out of the Hot Congress camp, the debut full-length from the now-defunct Pseudo Dates combined psychedelic pop and rock. The result was a handful of catchy tunes: “Indeed We Love You,” “Amber, Show Me Your Scars,” and “Amateur Night At The Shooting Range” all well worth the listen.

Arliss Nancy – Truckstop Roses: The second release from Fort Collins alt-country band Arliss Nancy shows the group’s progression since their debut Dance To Forget. The guitar parts are tighter and the lyrics more heart-wrenching. Also, I’m fairly certain that Jon Snograss (Drag The River) makes a cameo.

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UMS Preview: “Who” (7/25)

by on Jul.19, 2010, under Blogs

By the time Sunday rolls around chances are you’re going to be on the verge of passing out from exhaustion. Drink some coffee and cram down another slice of cheap pizza, it’s time for the final set of SLS picks for the UMS.


Hello Kavita (Goodwill parking lot, 4:30pm): 2009′s To A Loved One was one of my favorite records of the year (regardless of the fact that Hello Kavita is a local group). Catch their set if you dig Wilco, Neil Young, or the like. Edit: As pointed out in the comments, Hello Kavita is going on hiatus following this performance, so don’t miss it!

Tjutjuna (Hi-Dive, 6pm): Spacey and loud, Tjutjuna will have you coming back for more. This group recently released a record called Conch Shell for free via their blog.

Old Radio (Club 404, 7pm): If shoegaze is your thing, then don’t miss Old Radio. They’re a bit of a local super group with a veritably stacked lineup. Unfortunately they’re not the only ones to see at 7.

Arliss Nancy (Skylark, 7pm): Another group from Fort Collins making their mark on the scene in Denver, Arliss Nancy has a raw sound that’s just as country as it is rock-and-roll (and perhaps a little punk too).

The Jim Jims (Club 404, 10pm): She’s drunk, you’re horny; why not have some fun and see The Jim Jims? Their set at Patrick Kelly’s apartment party was a highlight of one of the best parties I went to last year.

Woodsman (Hi-Dive, 11:55pm): Sometimes they’re spacey and ambient; sometimes they’ve got a driving tribal beat. Woodsman always manages to keep things fresh, something Pitchfork recently picked up on (but we’ve been talking about for months already). Also, their set is the last one of the entire week’s festivities, so if you haven’t passed out yet, it would be a good idea to go.

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The Westword Music Showcase 2010 ballot

by on Apr.27, 2010, under "Best of" Lists, Blogs

Last year, when SLS was still in its first stages, we got a big boost from local music journalist Dave Herrera at Westword when he asked me to nominate 20 bands for the 2009 showcase. A year has passed and once again I was asked to nominate 20 local bands that had made an impression on me. In the spirit of transparency, I’m going to list the bands I nominated. I decided to choose acts I had not previously  nominated.

Be sure to check out these groups (even if a few didn’t make the final list) and vote for your favorites by clicking here.

In no particular order… Tim’s picks for the 2010 Westword Music Showcase:

Achille Lauro
Candy Claws
Old Radio
Hello Kavita
Gregory Alan Isakov
The Knew
Fissure Mystic
M. Pyres
Arliss Nancy
Fellow Citizens
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
Jim McTurnan & The Kids That Killed The Man
Pretty Lights
Weed Diamond
Flashbulb Fires

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In Photos: Action Packed Thrill Ride

by on Apr.24, 2010, under Photos

3 Kings Tavern was the place to be in Baker on Friday night as Fort Collins alt-country-punk (or whatever you’d like to call it) bands 10-4 Eleanor and Arliss Nancy braved the weather to play with Action Packed Thrill Ride. The night felt a bit like a family reunion for Hot Congress as a good portion of the crowd was made up of players from other bands in the collective.

10-4 Eleanor

Arliss Nancy

Action Packed Thrill Ride

Albums from 10-4 Eleanor and Arliss Nancy can be downloaded for free at Death To False Hope Records (donation suggested) and Action Packed Thrill Ride’s Best I’ve Felt EP is available for free at Hot Congress.

See the full gallery by clicking here.

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The best things on the web are FREE

by on Sep.20, 2009, under Downloads

It’s high time that I sat down and pointed you in all directions at once. All over the web there are great, free & legal downloads from some of Colorado’s finest (bands, that is… the police don’t really have much out there). Just click on the images to go to the places.

Savoy – Self-Titled EP: The entire thing is free on the group’s website. Unfortunately we missed their set at Monolith, but fear not! They’re doing a show November 21 at the Bluebird.

Hello Kavita – To A Loved One 2 song sampler. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from these guys, but they’re finally releasing another record on October 23 at the Hi-Dive, with Houses and It’s True! Even just listening to the 2 sample tracks, I’m excited for what these guys have in store.

Arliss Nancy – Dance To Forget: Fort Collins own answer to Lucero, this record is technically a $5 donation, but you could get it for free if you really like. Click back a few pages to see our review.

Rob Drabkin – On These Heavy Feet: Rob’s still got this link up for people to download his full length. He did it as a way of saying “Thank You” for all the cool stuff that his fans have helped him with this summer.

Dualistics – Last Call single: Featuring the sharp new song “Last Call” and a great b-side “Sabbatical,” this is a must download for fans of solid rock music. The file also contains a few tracks from this group’s self-titled EP.

Pretty Lights – Discography: Pick up Filling Up The City Skies and Taking Up Your Precious Time for free from the Fort Collins-based group. Definitely listen to “Solamente.” Also, just announced, the new Pretty Lights record Passing Behind Your Eyes will be available October 6.

Drag The River - Live at the Starlight: This long-out-of-print record is still being offered as a free download by our friends at Suburban Home Records. It’s a great live album and a bit of CO music history.

Rabbit Is A Sphere – Discography: It was sad to see these guys go on indefinite hiatus, but you can still enjoy their music and a high-quality bootleg via the link.

M. Pyres – Consider Me, Ghost and other FTU albums: Matt Sage of Fort Collins is quickly becoming a lo-fi phenomenon (if there can even be such a thing). Give Consider Me, Ghost a listen, then stay tuned for Apart The Echo, which is coming soon.

Young Coyotes – Basement EP: Possibly one of my favorite recordings released this year, Young Coyotes have their first EP (which was recorded… in a basement) for free on their website.

Cowboy Curse – Nod Up And Down: I first heard this band at the UMS this year. Definitely check out their song “Negative Space.”

Alright, that’s enough for now, I’ll let these build up a bit then do another one in another month or so.

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Album Review: Arliss Nancy – Dance To Forget

by on Aug.27, 2009, under Album Reviews

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about punk/folk singer Chuck Ragan, we’ve got a local group along the same vein. Arliss Nancy is a Fort Collins-based band with a hard-hitting guitar section and raw vocals that have drawn comparisons to groups like Lucero. Furthermore, they’ve got just enough residual “twang” to earn some country cred, while still keeping things very rock-oriented.

Dance To Forget follows the age-old formula for punk-rock-country records. Start out a few hot burner (“Wrong or Right”) and slowly mellow things out. Along the way throw in some vaguely Springsteen-esque lyrics and delivery (“With a rusted Chevy and a broken heart” are literally some of the lyrics on “Blessings I Ain’t Never Had”). What country album would be complete without a slow-dance number? Fortunately “The Shootout” does a good job of balancing sheer blues with a marching beat that conjures up images of a bar before closing time.

Overall this is a pretty good record. Although some of the lyrics, especially the references to the Tennessee River, would definitely make you think you’re listening to a group from Memphis, not a band from Colorado. All of that said, don’t expect anything too original, but do expect a decent listen.

Stream the entire record right here (via Lala) and download it for the low low price of $5 (or free if you’re a cheap bastard) with this link.

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