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The Vinefield Agency Launch Party and Artist Showcase

by on Oct.19, 2010, under Concert Reviews, Photos

When I walked in Casselman’s Bar & Venue off Walnut St in LoDo, it was definitely a change from the sticky beer floors, the 1o foot wide stages, and graffiti covered bathroom stalls that I was used to. I’m not saying I was uncomfortable, I’m just saying it was an adjustment. I mean, they had a man in the bathroom to turn the water on for you and smell you to see if you needed cologne. But once I had scoped out my environment and found a group of hipsters to stand near (notice I said “near,” they still haven’t accepted me as their own), I grabbed a Newcastle Brown Ale and prepared myself for Vinefield Agency’s lineup for the night.

To start off the night, the MC (dressed in an all denim suit I might add) introduced I Know Your, Rider, a band he said (and they later confirmed) was loud. They played a solid set, filled with tremolos, head banging, and that rock beat they said they were gonna bring. I took home one of the sharpie’d CD they were giving away because, despite not having any lyrics, these guys new how to rock.

Rachel James Project

The next band reminded me that this was a showcase, which in my mind is the concert equivalent of that sampler you order when you want to please everyone in your party of six, a little bit of hot wings, chicken strips, avocado egg rolls, mozzarella sticks, etc. Sitting behind her piano Rachel James played with passion and sang the pop melodies that make her so appealing. Even with the absence of their usual guitar edge, the Rachel James Project provided the energy to follow a much more rock-sound without missing a beat.

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Merry Christmas, Here’s Your Gift

by on Dec.25, 2009, under Blogs

It’s December 25, and most of you won’t be reading this until after the New Year, but here are some special free downloads that Denver artists are offering as a download this season.

Blue Christmas SingleI Am The Dot – Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley Cover) (right clisk “save as”)

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Happy Christmas from Candy Claws and Firebreather

(via E-J | via Cause=Time)

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John Common – Gift EP (available until Jan. 1)

Jon Evans (of Achille Lauro) – Wishes You A Merry Christmas

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Festival Review: The UMS, Day 1

by on Jul.24, 2009, under Concert Reviews

There are not many Thursday nights I can remember that were as wild as last night. The big kick-off for the Denver Post’s 9th annual Underground Music Showcase was certainly a solid start for what is shaping up to be a good weekend (weekends start on Thursday, right?).

When I first rolled in to the Baker neighborhood, I strolled in to the Hi-Dive to catch Dan Kaufman Superstar Eruption, an almost indescribable mixture of imagery and improvisation. I stuck around to catch Cowboy Curse, a rock band with a straightforward style, and generous use of falsetto. I decided it was time for a change of scenery, so I wandered over to Michaelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar to catch John Common. The venue space played well with his acoustic set, although I am looking forward to seeing a little full-band-action from him this weekend.

As I entered the Hi-Dive, I caught the last few songs from Light Travels Faster, and I must say, they had the best outfits I’ve seen yet this festival. As far as their music is concerned, it was very intense, lots of yelling, rocking out, etc.

As Light Travels Faster wrapped up, the crowd began growing bunny ears; it must have been time for Rabbit Is A Sphere. The last time I saw these guys was opening for The Appleseed Cast, but last night’s set was different. Amidst the pretense that RIAS is going on hiatus, their set served as a bit of a temporary “good-bye,” it made every note hit a little deeper. Up next was Brooklyn, NY-based Kaiser Cartel. The folk duo was good, although perhaps a little too mellow for my demeanor (I really needed something rowdy to wake me up a bit at that point).

Everything Absent or Distorted is another Denver group that we won’t be seeing much of soon (however, unlike Rabbit Is A Sphere, these guys are calling it quits for good). That made their rambunctious set all the more memorable.

For the last set of the night I opted to stay where I was for Langhorn Slim (who had opened for Josh Ritter earlier in the evening). His folk-rockabilly sound, complete with upright bass, was a good way to end the night.

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UMS Preview: Thursday & Friday “Must See” Bands

by on Jul.22, 2009, under Blogs


John Common (Michaelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar, 7:45 pm): One of Denver’s more infamous musicians, John Common is always up to something. Whether it’s the People’s Kazoo Orchestra, or a John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light show, he’s sure to surprise you.

Maxwell Hughes (The Irish Rover, 9:15 pm): I remember seeing this guy’s guitar slap-style at open mic nights up in Fort Collins when I was in high school, it’s really quite entertaining to watch and listen.

Everything Absent or Distorted (Hi-Dive, 11 pm): Since the recent news that these guys are calling it quits soon, be sure to catch them while you still can.

(ok, now you have to choose, I’m going to suggest 2 different sets that go down at the same time)

The Photo Atlas (3 Kings Tavern, 11:55 pm): I’ve always been a big fan of TPA, mainly because they combine my two favorite things: peanut butter and chocolate dancing and punk rock.

Langhorn Slim and the War Eagles (Hi-Dive, 11:55 pm): Just added to the line-up as the main headliner for Thursday, these guys are sure to pack out the Hi-Dive (even if it is a Thursday night).


Hello Kavita (Indy Ink, 8:15 pm): Ever since the Westword Music Showcase, I’ve been itching to see these guys again. I think they’re Denver’s answer to Wilco, without the ridiculous costumes that Jeff Tweedy is wearing these days.

I just realized the rest of the bands I am going to suggest are at the Hi-Dive, take no offense other venues.

Elin Palmer (Hi-Dive, 8:45 pm): Beautiful folk tunes are what Elin Palmer is all about, listen to her set from the Westword Showcase at The Flat Response to know what I”m talking about (click here).

Bela Karoli (Hi-Dive, 9:30 pm): What’s not to love about avant-pop-chamber music? This is another group that everyone needs to see more of, and here’s your chance.

The Wheel (Hi-Dive, 11 pm): This man is on a roll (no pun intended), but seriously… The Wheel just won at the Westword Awards, and always manages to improve on their live show.

Houses (Hi-Dive, 11:55 pm): We just heard this week that Houses finished recording the Summer EP, so here’s to hoping for hearing some of that sweet tunage during the UMS (they’re also playing 5:15 pm on Sunday in the Goodwill parking lot).

Remember, for tickets (which are uber-cheap) and a full lineup, hit up

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