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Countdown: Top 5 interviews

by on May.05, 2011, under "Best of" Lists, Videos

When I started doing this blog video (and audio) interviews coming from the Denver scene were very few and far between. Nowadays it’s great because many other people in town do video interviews. I’ve never been a big fan of reading transcriptions, so I decided to focus most of my reviews on the video format. I got to talk with a lot of great people over the years, here’s a few of my favorites:

Young Coyotes – March 21, 2009: The first interview we ever “officially” did was Young Coyotes. At the time they were just beginning to gain some momentum with a Daytrotter session and trip to SXSW in addition to getting Westword’s “best new band” award.

Danielle Ate The Sandwich – July 13, 2009: Another chat with someone who got big shortly after we talked, Danielle Ate The Sandwich sat down with me before a set at Everyday Joe’s in Fort Collins. Danielle was one of our favorite local acts because her songs were so beautiful, while her live performances captured her quirky humor.

Virgil Dickerson (Suburban Home Records) – July 22, 2009: While this interview isn’t with a band, it is with someone who has had an impact on Denver music. Virgil Dickerson and local label Suburban Home Records had several projects that we covered over the years, including a collaboration with burrito joint Illegal Pete’s.

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – August 1, 2010: After seeing Rev. Peyton at Warped Tour in Denver in 2009, I couldn’t help but try to get an interview when I covered the tour again in 2011 (this time in Chicago). This one stands out because I think Peyton and his wife were one of the friendliest interview-subjects I ever encountered.

The Knew - September 13, 2010: I know I already talked about The Knew in the last Countdown post, but I think it goes without saying that they’re one of my favorites. After covering a handful of their shows I finally sat down with the group in September of last year before the release of their newest 7″- Before It Ends.

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Countdown: Top 10 photos

by on May.02, 2011, under "Best of" Lists, Photos

Somewhere along the way I put aside my point-and-click camera and got serious about concert photography. The first event where I used a DSLR was the 2009 Mile High Music Festival because their photo policy prohibited any other kind of camera in the pits. From there on out I fell in love with the art of photography and tried to capture the experiences I had through photos. Looking back on the last couple of years, here are my favorite 10 shots.

The Fray – MHMF 2009: As someone who had very little experience with a more-professional camera, I was surprised at some of the great shots I got that hot weekend in July of 2009. The Fray closed out my experience at Mile High with a real spectacle: U2′s old stage rig, a big crowd, and a sense of completion.

Monotonix – Monolith 2009: While not a particularly great shot, I will always remember this set from the now-defunct Monolith Festival. It’s the kind of picture that would offend most anyone, therefore it has a certain charm and power that your average concert photo can’t achieve.

Paean – Hodi’s Half Note, December 27, 2009: Being from Fort Collins I found myself up there for the holidays without much to do. When I saw that Danielle Ate The Sandwich was playing a show with a few Act So Big Forest bands at Hodi’s (formerly The Starlight, as I knew it), I said, “Why not?” As it turns out Hodi’s has one of the best light rigs in Northern Colorado. This shot matches great lighting, ambient fog, and perspective in a way that I have seldom replicated.

The Knew – Pulperia release party at the Bluebird, March 6, 2010: At a time when people were just starting to figure out what Something Like Sound was, The Knew were preparing to get big. I ended up seeing the Knew 3 times at the Bluebird (and once at Hi-Dive), and they remain as one of my favorite Colorado acts. I recall seeing this particular shot floating around on their websites for quite some time.

Fellow Citizens – Skylark , October 8, 2010: I saw Fellow Citizens and Old Radio (now Amazing Twin) play two shows at the Skylark within one year. This photo of Fellow Citizens singer Eliza Boote was originally done in color and not cropped, however I edited it for print in the Oredigger newspaper. After looking at the two versions I decided that I liked the black-and-white more- it has a certain aesthetic that is reflective of that time and place.

Andrew W.K. – Warped Tour 2010 (Chicago): I had been to several years of Warped Tours before I decided to live in Chicago last summer, however none of that could prepare me for Andrew W.K. Perhaps one of the most energetic and bizzare performances I’ve ever seen, W.K. thrashed about the stage while putting himself into the most intriguing positions.

Safe Boating Is No Accident – Denver Does Denver 2010: The first show I saw after coming back from Chicago was Denver Does Denver (a fitting return, if I can say so myself). Safe Boating did a set of Pee Pee covers in the community space and something about the lighting in that room lent itself to some really dramatic shots.

Night of Joy – Denver Does Denver 2010: Sometime great photos are purely dumb luck. Another shot for DDD2010, I managed to catch the flash from a camera across the room at the often low-lit Meadowlark. The result: A photo that captures the face-melting nature of a Night of Joy set.

Sufjan Stevens – The Paramount, November 2, 2010: I bought my tickets for Sufjan nearly 4 months before he came to Denver. Fortunately I snagged some primo seats and was able to snap a few shots with my point-and-click. This photo was taken during a reworked rendition of “Seven Swans” which literally took my breath away.

FLASHLIGHTS – Split Cassette release at Larimer Lounge, February 23, 2011: FLASHLIGHTS usually like to party with the house lights down and their special Rande Kamolz-controlled rig in full operation. This, however, makes getting a decent shot of the group a challenge. I decided to experiment with long shutter speeds and zooming out while taking this photo.


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The Knew get remixed by Patrick Lee

by on Apr.13, 2011, under Blogs

While remixes are usually reserved for dance/electronic music, local mix-tapist/remixer/producer/experimentalist Patrick Lee took on the unique challenge of spicing up a track from The Knew. “The Key” appeared on last summer’s EP Before It Ends and already had a healthy dose of The Knew’s brand of dance-rock before Lee got to it. The result is a beats-meets-rock tune that showcases the talents of both the originators and the remixer.

You can catch The Knew live this Friday at Hi-Dive as they play with an extended line-up. Patrick Lee will be there playing organ and a 3-piece horn section will round out the 8-man Knew. Also playing: The Swayback and The Photo Atlas.

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Something Like Sound Presents: Colorado Sounds Volume 2

by on Feb.23, 2011, under Blogs, Downloads

(click cover to download)

In late 2009 Something Like Sound released Colorado Sounds, a compilation of music from the Centennial State. Two years later Colorado Sounds Volume 2 is making its debut with an expanded roster and greater diversity of sound. The new release comes just weeks before Denver bands and fans swarm Austin, TX for the annual SXSW conference (where download cards for this free compilation will be liberally distributed). Curator Tim Weilert designed this project with one goal in mind: expose people everywhere to the quality and uniqueness of modern music in Colorado.


  1. Dan Craig – Enough – from Alchemy
  2. Gregory Alan Isakov – Evelyn – from This Empty Northern Hemisphere
  3. John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light– In My Neighborhood – from Beautiful Empty
  4. The Raven and the Writing Desk – Space Grenade – from RECIDIVIST
  5. Flashbulb Fires – Revenge Song – from Glory
  6. The Knew – Yellow Moon – previously unreleased
  7. Monroe Monroe – Ready The Fall – from Love Wins EP
  8. American Tomahawk – Sunshine People – from Contradictions, Generalities, and Future Criminals
  9. Fingers of the Sun – In My Basement – previously unreleased
  10. Amazing Twin – Naked Girl, Pt. 2 – from New Wives’ Tale
  11. Makeout Point – Don’t Drown Me, Please – from Don’t Look Up
  12. Safe Boating Is No Accident – Who Will Marry You? – from Isn’t It Fun?
  13. Thrifty Astronaut – Middleclass Suburban Teenager Blues – from Caffeine Heartache
  14. I Am The Dot – We Have Not Arrived – from Bridges EP & A Collection of Songs (2008-2010)
  15. FLASHLIGHTS – More Sunlight – from FLASHLIGHTS EP
  16. Fellow Citizens – Cincinnati – from Fellow Citizens
  17. The Biz – Infinite Light – from The Ancient Future
  18. PANAL S.A. DE C.V. – You Knew I Was A Snake – from You Knew I Was A Snake Single
  19. At The Forefront – Till I Find You – previously unreleased
  20. Tjutjuna – Mosquito Hawk – from Tjutjuna

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Manchester Orchestra: Whiskey-soaked rock music

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Concert Reviews

Initially I thought someone was pulling my leg: Manchester Orchestra would be playing in Denver, tickets and drinks would be free. Turns out it was true, Atlanta’s own Manchester Orchestra found themselves in Denver last Sunday for the first in a new concert series from whiskey-distillery Jack Daniel’s. To add to the evening’s already excellent premise, local rock group The Knew had the opening spot.

Having seen The Knew more than a few times now, it would be difficult to not repeat myself. That said, the quartet played an excellent set steeped in four-on-the-floor dance beats, catchy lyrics, and rock guitar. Also, a group of my friends (after having a couple complimentary cocktails) suggested that singer/guitarist Jacob Hansen may be the splitting image of Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant… I concur.

When Manchester Orchestra took the stage, the venue was pretty well packed, although not at an uncomfortable capacity. Kicking off with “Pride,” the group’s raw energy was on full display as Andy Hull’s softly strummed guitar burst into life as the song reached its first break-out. The set played through like a “best of” record (although, to note, Manchester Orchestra only has 2 LPs out right now). Focusing mostly on their heavier material, Manchester played quite a few older fan favorites including “Wolves at Night,” “Now That You’re Home,” “I Can Barely Breathe.” However, a great mix of songs from Mean Everything To Nothing also made appearances (including “The River,” “My Friend Marcus,” and “I’ve Got Friends”).

I was glad to see my personal favorite “100 Dollars” get played, in addition to a new song (from the forthcoming 3rd MO record due out next year). The grand finale came in the form of “Where Have You Been?”- complete with a Puff Daddy-inspired intro. As the song reached its last refrain, the band began to build into an all-out wall-of-sound guitar driven finale. As the last chords rang out, Hull softly strummed out a stripped-down rendition of “The Only One.” With the set over, Manchester Orchestra retired to the green room, not returning for an encore… none was really needed- they had played all-out, holding nothing back.

Click for more photos | The Knew | Manchester Orchestra

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The Vinefield Agency Launch Party and Artist Showcase

by on Oct.19, 2010, under Concert Reviews, Photos

When I walked in Casselman’s Bar & Venue off Walnut St in LoDo, it was definitely a change from the sticky beer floors, the 1o foot wide stages, and graffiti covered bathroom stalls that I was used to. I’m not saying I was uncomfortable, I’m just saying it was an adjustment. I mean, they had a man in the bathroom to turn the water on for you and smell you to see if you needed cologne. But once I had scoped out my environment and found a group of hipsters to stand near (notice I said “near,” they still haven’t accepted me as their own), I grabbed a Newcastle Brown Ale and prepared myself for Vinefield Agency’s lineup for the night.

To start off the night, the MC (dressed in an all denim suit I might add) introduced I Know Your, Rider, a band he said (and they later confirmed) was loud. They played a solid set, filled with tremolos, head banging, and that rock beat they said they were gonna bring. I took home one of the sharpie’d CD they were giving away because, despite not having any lyrics, these guys new how to rock.

Rachel James Project

The next band reminded me that this was a showcase, which in my mind is the concert equivalent of that sampler you order when you want to please everyone in your party of six, a little bit of hot wings, chicken strips, avocado egg rolls, mozzarella sticks, etc. Sitting behind her piano Rachel James played with passion and sang the pop melodies that make her so appealing. Even with the absence of their usual guitar edge, the Rachel James Project provided the energy to follow a much more rock-sound without missing a beat.

(continue reading…)

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Introducing the Vinefield Agency

by on Oct.11, 2010, under Blogs

I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted about a PR agency, but then again I’ve never encountered a group with the far-reaching appeal and artist roster of the Vinefield Agency. As a way of kicking things off in style, they’ve put together a showcase for some of Denver’s most talented acts (well, at least the groups they represent). Just a quick glance at the flier lineup was enough to catch my attention (i.e. it’s super stacked and also a ridiculously cheap ticket). The Vinefield Showcase will be happening this Friday (October 15) at Casselman’s and features The Knew, Achille Lauro, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light, A. Tom Collins, 200 Million Years, and at least 6 more acts. Tickets are just $5 presale and $10 day-of (click on the flier for more details).

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The Knew at Hi-Dive

by on Sep.14, 2010, under Concert Reviews

The Knew were in top form as they rocked the Hi-Dive on a Friday night. As a way of celebrating the release of their new 7″ EP Before It Ends, the Denver-based group shared a bill with two other “The” bands.

Kicking off the night was The Outfit, a local group with a heavy emphasis on guitar. Armed with three electric guitars and an energetic drummer to match, The Outfit did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up and moving.

It’s not very often that an opening act gets cheered on to do an encore. That is precisely what happened when The Knew (and other audience members) decided they hadn’t had enough of The Fling. Hailing from Long Beach, CA, The Fling brought their California-indie-rock sound to Colorado in a memorable set.

Never one to disappoint, The Knew made it clear that they were there to party (clearly indicated by their choice of Andrew WK as the house music). In what I can only describe as “the wildest set I’ve ever seen at Hi-Dive,” there was fog, lights, crowd-surfing, a pinata, and, of course, rock music to match. The Knew, always eager to perform new material, played two new songs they had written since finishing Before It Ends. By the end of the night the Hi-Dive was trashed and everyone went home happy.

See more pictures here. The Knew play again this Friday at the Gothic, opening for local metal-legends Taun Taun. Tickets are available here.

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Video Interview: The Knew

by on Sep.13, 2010, under Interviews, Videos

The Knew have been one of Denver’s busiest groups recently. In the last year they’ve released a full length and an EP, played MHMF, and been featured on the popular video game Guitar Hero. I sat down with the group to talk about these subjects and more. (Also, Tim Rynders really does play the fog in addition to bass).

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Concert Round-up 8/25

by on Aug.25, 2010, under Blogs

Just because summertime is coming to a close doesn’t mean the good music has to stop. Here’s a few quick suggestions on shows to see in the coming weeks.

Denver Does Denver – 8/28, Meadowlark: Have you ever wondered what the Denver music scene would be like if Houses were responsible for “Handlebars”? Maybe you’d like to hear Night of Joy take on a few Paper Bird songs. Well, here’s your chance! Illiterate Magazine is hosting “Denver Does Denver” once again this year at the Meadowlark. To get a taste of last year’s offerings head over to The Flat Response.

The Knew – 9/10, Hi-Dive: Hot on the heels of their full length Pulperia and a set at MHMF 2010, The Knew are poised to release a 7″ titled Before It Ends. This 3-track record is quite the image of what it is to be a rock band in Denver (don’t take my word for it, download the entire thing here).

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – 9/11, Hi-Dive: The melancholy sounds of Chicago’s CftPA will be well matched with the apocalyptic pop-styling of Denver’s I Am The Dot. The Flat Response also has a couple sets up to wet your whistle.

Note: If you haven’t already done so, visit The Flat Response. Lance Stack’s work is an invaluable archive and resource for any person who loves Denver’s music scene.

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