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Concert Review: Modest Mouse at the Fillmore

by on Sep.03, 2009, under Concert Reviews

I cannot remember a Wednesday night that played through in the same way that last night did. Normally you’d find me (and most other people) sitting at home, watching TV or working on some project. However, last night was not like any ordinary Wednesday, for last night the Fillmore was packed with people eager to see Modest Mouse.To begin the review, I’ll say I truly despised the first act of the night: The Night Marchers. Their 3-chord /1-riff “rock and roll” was lame and truly fell short in light of the show’s overall expectations. The best way I can describe it: Everyone has that one uncle, right? The middle-aged guy who listened to too many Beach Boys records when he was 20. The guy who always wanted to be in a band, then during a mid-life crisis decided to start one despite the fact that he really shouldn’t. That is the Night Marchers. They played “Surfin’ Bird.” It was not good.Finally it was time for the band everyone was there to see: Modest Mouse. They started the set with “Satellite Skin,” from their newly released EP No One’s First and You’re Next, and the set progressed in a sort of mellow way for the first few songs. It wasn’t until about halfway through that the crowd began to get energized from the music. It was during “Doin’ The Cockroach” that everyone in that uncomfortably hot venue was finally moving and dancing. Then came the inevitable single “Float On,” quickly followed by my personal favorite “Shit Luck.”

Overall, Modest Mouse played a good mix of newer material and classic fan favorites (“Tiny Cities Made of Ashes” and “Baby Blue Sedan” had truly stellar performances with extended instrumentals). This part of the show alone made the night for me. The combination of the intensity, the crowd, the music, and the laid-back attitude was energizing while, at the same time, refreshing.

Note: I realize that some people don’t like my take on the Night Marchers. Fine. I don’t really care (I run this blog, it is my mouthpiece, not yours). This group is outside of the normal coverage demographic for this blog (the normal coverage consisting of the Denver underground & indie scenes). I will note that their members have been doing music for quite some time, however the appropriateness of their opening for Modest Mouse should be called in to question. For everyone who was NOT actually at this show should consider this: we all paid good money to see Modest Mouse, I was not the only one who thought the Night Marchers set was lacking. Comments are now closed for this post.

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