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Nathaniel Rateliff does Daytrotter (again)

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Downloads, Links

There’s something unique about the midwest. Driving through Rock Island, IL a few weeks ago I was half tempted to track down the Daytrotter studio and sneak a peek at how they do what they do. What they do, of course, is record bands on analog tape in one take, then post the whole thing online as a free download.

Last week I decided to go for a drive. Taking a state highway to the south of Chicago, I drove through woods and small towns as the golden-orange sun set in the west. Over the radio the subtle sounds of the new Nathaniel Rateliff record drifted through the car. It was the perfect harmony.

It makes sense (at least to me) that Rateliff is one of the new sweethearts at Daytrotter. He recently toured as part of their Barnstormer concert series and today they released his encore session.

Furthermore, I agree with their assessment of Rateliff’s new album. “In Memory of Loss is a debut album that can destroy you – its beauty just too much to handle.”

Download the new Daytrotter session | Download the old one

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Nathaniel Rateliff announces new record

by on Mar.03, 2010, under Downloads

Mark your calendars, April 27 will see the release of In the Memory of Loss, the debut record from Nathaniel Rateliff and the Wheel on Rounder Records. As a preview, Rateliff & Co. have made the official album version of  “Early Spring Till” available as a free download (see the widget below, it requires signing up for an e-mail list). From what I have seen and heard of this group, In the Memory of Loss has the potential of being one of the best local releases of 2010. While you’re at it, also check out this video of Rateliff from Rod Blackhurst, it is stunningly beautiful.

BlankBand website design

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Nathaniel Rateliff & the Wheel do Daytrotter

by on Dec.02, 2009, under Downloads

I recall seeing a little blurb on The Wheel’s MySpace a few months back that mentioned something about doing a Daytrotter session. Well, today is the day that the session dropped and it’s quite good. Take a listen for yourself and be sure to catch them live at the Bluebird on December 12 as part of Gigbot & Radio 1190′s 3rd Annual Variety Show.

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Concert Calendar Update

by on Nov.24, 2009, under Blogs

Hey everyone, here are a few shows of note:

TONIGHT: Young Coyotes and Fiery Furnaces (Bluebird, 8pm). Rumored to be Young Coyotes last show, if you haven’t seen this dynamic duo yet this might be your last chance. While you’re at it, download our compilation, they’re on there with “When I Was In The Fire.”

December 4: Take, Candy Claws, & Old Radio (Lion’s Lair, 9pm). See Candy Claws live and in person (as opposed to their global internet tour). Also, Old Radio puts on quite an enjoyable show (not to mention this one is only $5, so don’t miss it). Celebrate National Cookie Day in style!

December 12: Hot Congress CD Release Show (Oriental, 8pm). A few weeks back we covered the Hot Congress Prevue Party and picked up a copy of their very first compilation. Well, now they’re giving it a proper celebration and release. Performing that night will be Achille Lauro, Vitamins, Fissure Mystic, and Action Packed Thrill Ride.

December 12: The Wheel with Houses, Bad Weather California, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Taun Taun and more! (Bluebird, 8pm). If there was ever a show that combined a bunch of my favorite local bands it would be this one. Unfortunately you’ll have to choose because it’s also on Dec. 12.

December 18: Flashbulb Fires CD Release Show (Hi-Dive, 10pm). We’ve got a full review of this group’s first full-length Glory coming next week and I can tell you that it is definitely worth checking out. Also playing that night: Danielle Ate The Sandwich.

December 31: Paper Bird & These United States New Year’s Party (Hi-Dive, 9pm). Ring in the New Year with a little bit Paper Bird’s brand of “joyful music.” Also rock out to the alt-indie goodness that is These United States.

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Festival Review: The UMS, Day 2

by on Jul.25, 2009, under Concert Reviews

I really should title this post “Julie Davis: The Hardest Working Musician in Denver.” I swear, everywhere I went last night I couldn’t escape the bassist/lead singer from Bela Karoli. Turns out she started the evening with a solo set (I didn’t catch), then I witnessed her playing with Dan Craig, Bela Karoli (obviously), and The Wheel. Kudos to you Julie, it takes a real trooper to do what you did. Ok, now on with the review.

To begin, I took it a little easier today. I rolled in to the Baker neighborhood around 7:30 and tried to catch some of the Josephine & The Mousepeople set at Indy Ink. The bit that I stayed for was enjoyable, but the non-traditional space suffered from 2 things: Deafening the people in the front and obscuring the view of everyone else (other than that it was great). From there I wandered over to the Hi-Dive (which seems to be a black hole to me, I am continually drawn towards it, with no hope of escaping). I caught some of Dan Craig‘s set, then stuck around for Elin Palmer. Palmer is absolutely charming, from her eclectic instruments (pictured is a traditional Swedish folk-instrument), to her soft voice and songs in Swedish, I must say I enjoyed the set.

Next was Bela Karoli, with special guest Ian Cooke. As the night continued, the Hi-Dive seemed to get more crowded and hot with each set. I don’t believe they had to turn people away, but there was certainly not a spare place to stand for this avant-pop group. The set was solid (as usual), but the addition of an extra cello and a keyboard really rounded things out.

I overheard someone say “There’s only one band in Denver, but it has all of these different manifestations.” Agreed. About half the people from Bela Karoli were on stage to perform with The Wheel. It seems like every time I see The Wheel, their sets just get better (I attribute this, in part, to the fact that they’ve gone to a full-band lineup).

Finally it was past midnight and things started to dissapate slightly. However, I had waited all night to see my favorite local group, Houses. When I listened to their Spring EP, I was hooked: flowing melodies and feel-good tunes. Andy Hamilton & Co. were not the ones to dissapoint that night, as they played through a number of new songs (from their forthcoming Summer EP, out August 7). While I loved the Spring tunes they played, the Summer stuff was even better. Tighter guitar parts and dancability have been added to the Houses mix: let there be much rejoicing. By the time they finished it was past 1:30, it was time to go home.

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UMS Preview: Thursday & Friday “Must See” Bands

by on Jul.22, 2009, under Blogs


John Common (Michaelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar, 7:45 pm): One of Denver’s more infamous musicians, John Common is always up to something. Whether it’s the People’s Kazoo Orchestra, or a John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light show, he’s sure to surprise you.

Maxwell Hughes (The Irish Rover, 9:15 pm): I remember seeing this guy’s guitar slap-style at open mic nights up in Fort Collins when I was in high school, it’s really quite entertaining to watch and listen.

Everything Absent or Distorted (Hi-Dive, 11 pm): Since the recent news that these guys are calling it quits soon, be sure to catch them while you still can.

(ok, now you have to choose, I’m going to suggest 2 different sets that go down at the same time)

The Photo Atlas (3 Kings Tavern, 11:55 pm): I’ve always been a big fan of TPA, mainly because they combine my two favorite things: peanut butter and chocolate dancing and punk rock.

Langhorn Slim and the War Eagles (Hi-Dive, 11:55 pm): Just added to the line-up as the main headliner for Thursday, these guys are sure to pack out the Hi-Dive (even if it is a Thursday night).


Hello Kavita (Indy Ink, 8:15 pm): Ever since the Westword Music Showcase, I’ve been itching to see these guys again. I think they’re Denver’s answer to Wilco, without the ridiculous costumes that Jeff Tweedy is wearing these days.

I just realized the rest of the bands I am going to suggest are at the Hi-Dive, take no offense other venues.

Elin Palmer (Hi-Dive, 8:45 pm): Beautiful folk tunes are what Elin Palmer is all about, listen to her set from the Westword Showcase at The Flat Response to know what I”m talking about (click here).

Bela Karoli (Hi-Dive, 9:30 pm): What’s not to love about avant-pop-chamber music? This is another group that everyone needs to see more of, and here’s your chance.

The Wheel (Hi-Dive, 11 pm): This man is on a roll (no pun intended), but seriously… The Wheel just won at the Westword Awards, and always manages to improve on their live show.

Houses (Hi-Dive, 11:55 pm): We just heard this week that Houses finished recording the Summer EP, so here’s to hoping for hearing some of that sweet tunage during the UMS (they’re also playing 5:15 pm on Sunday in the Goodwill parking lot).

Remember, for tickets (which are uber-cheap) and a full lineup, hit up

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Festival Review: The Westword Music Showcase

by on Jun.15, 2009, under Concert Reviews

It was a couple months ago Dave Herrera at Westword contacted us to get our input on this year’s showcase. We sent in our picks and the festival finally came. Due to the shear massiveness of writing reviews for the acts we saw, each band gets 30 words… ready, go!

Astrophagus (1 pm, Curious Theater): Think Miles Davis meets Radiohead, minus Thom Yorke’s whiney voice. These guys built an amazing wall of sound with synths, guitar, drum loops, and trumpet. Expect to see them at UMS.

Houses (2 pm, Curious Theater): Ever since lead singer Andy Hamilton sent me their EP, I haven’t listened to anything else. With all 7 members, Houses had a big sound, but a relaxed attitude. Expect to see our EP review soon.

Hello Kavita (3 pm, Curious Theater): I remember walking in thinking “Who kidnapped Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and brought him to Denver?” These guys put on a top-rate performance, and are putting finishing touches on a new album.

Achille Lauro (4 pm, Curious Theater): “I feel like we’re in a Talking Heads video,” said bassist Jon Evans of the Curious’s interesting set-up. The group proceeded to create instrumental harmonies until we left early for Cursive.

Cursive (4:15 pm, Verizon Outdoor Stage): Having only heard The Ugly Organ once, and their new single “I Couldn’t Love You,” I had an enjoyable time watching this Omaha-based band’s incredibly intense performance.

BDRMPPL, CacheFlowe, luengliss, Josephine & the Mousepeople, Married in Berdichev, Pictureplane, and Slight Harp (5pm, Curious Theater): Perhaps one of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen, this group of about 10 musicians from all the groups listed filled the stage with synths, laptops, modulators, and all kinds of electronics to perform their unique styles of trip-hop/remix music live.

Bela Karoli (featuring The Wheel) (6 pm, Curious Theater): This avant-pop group had a little trouble with feedback, but once it was under control everything went beautifully. At the end of the set The Wheel came out and played a couple songs to the then-packed house.

Meese (6:55 pm, Verizon Outdoor Stage): This local group is releasing a new album on a major label at the end of the month. Quite honestly I got a little bored during their hour-long set, the generic pop sounds didn’t really strike me as memorable.

Built To Spill (8:25, Verizon Outdoor Stage): When I woke up on the day of the fest, I had “I Would Hurt A Fly” running through my head (basically, I love Built To Spill). Although they didn’t play that song, they did most of my favorites, including “In Your Mind,” “Strange,” “Sidewalks,” “Kicked It In the Sun,” and had a strong closing with “Carry The Zero.” Seeing these legends of indie-rock reminded me how much I love guitar and how good their music is after all these years.

Well, that was it, we took the bus home and slept. As you can see, we spent most of our time at Curious, this was mostly because that’s where most of the great up-and-coming acts I’d only heard about were playing. Our friends Young Coyotes, The Photo Atlas, Epilogues, Andrea Ball, etc. also had sets that day, but I wanted to expand my boarders. Special thanks again to Dave Herrera at Westword for getting us better connected with Denver music, we all look forward to seeing what’s in store for next year.

One last thing. Our buddy Lance from The Flat Response was there taping at both Curious and the Verizon Outdoor Stage for most of the day, if any of his recordings turn out, we’ll let you know where you can listen to them.

Words by Tim Weilert, Photos by Bengsoon Chuah

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Local Bands You Should Know

by on Apr.17, 2009, under "Best of" Lists, Blogs

Edit: It looks like the Hot IQs are breaking up after their June 19 show at the Bluebird (we learned the news from Backbeat Online here) I know we already mentioned this as a must see show, but we’re moving it up to “do not miss this show or you will never forgive yourself” status.

Further Edit: We took Fear Before, 3Oh!3, and Flobots off the list because you probably already know them.

So last month we had extensive coverage of one of my favorite DIY bands from Denver, Young Coyotes. This got me thinking, “Who are the other groups people should know about?” Well, then today Dave Herrera over at Westword asked us to send in our nominations for the 2009 Westword Music Showcase, here’s who we chose. You might have heard of some of these groups, some you don’t know. Hopefully we’ll be able to work with these bands to bring you the best new music from the Denver scene all summer long.

1. Young Coyotes
2. Hot IQs
3. Ian Cooke
4. Pee Pee
5. Bad Weather California
6. Born In The Flood / The Wheel
7. The Photo Atlas
8. Hearts of Palm (have apparently broken up too)
9. Meese
10. Andrea Ball
11. Richard Ingersoll
12. Danielle Ate The Sandwich
13. The Heyday
14. Paper Bird
15. Trace Bundy
16. Bela Karoli
17. Laura Goldhamer
18. Roe
19. Brave Saint Saturn
20. Rob Drabkin

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