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In Photos: Monroe Monroe, Politic, Vices I Admire

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Photos

While I have been a bit of a hermit for the last month, I did manage to make it out for a show at the Bluebird last weekend. Now that I’m done with finals, I finally found time to sort through the photos today. Politic certainly had the best lighting setup, although Monroe Monroe was definitely my favorite new act of the evening.

Monroe Monroe


Vices I Admire

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Vices I Admire: an album release show at the Bluebird

by on Jan.06, 2010, under Concert Reviews, Photos

The last few days have been a bit hectic. I realized that while I hadn’t had time to write a formal review of the Vices I Admire album release show, I did upload several photos from that night. For my thoughts on Vices I Admire, go read my review of The Politics of Apathy (and make sure you get your free download of that record on their website). But for now, here are some of my better photos from last Friday’s show

Glass Delirium

Other Side of Clearview

Vices I Admire

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Vices I Admire: The Politics of Apathy

by on Dec.23, 2009, under Album Reviews, Downloads

There are many ways I could go about starting this review. Perhaps one would be to talk about how Vices I Admire made the move from Fort Collins to Denver around the same time I did. While they kept making music and recording a new record, I decided to start writing about music. Maybe I could start by drawing comparisons to other bands, there are a few to be made here. Vices newest record The Politics of Apathy is a bit like a roughed up version of Incubus with a little bit more attitude. Or, perhaps, I should start by saying this: Vices I Admire have recorded a record that has “in your face” guitar-rock sound, but also realizes that simply blasting people away with rock is not enough.

This record comes kicking right out of the gates. “Keep Killin’ Me” has the kind of driving guitars and catchy choruses that will get anyone moving. The closest thing to a single on the record is track #2, “Heartbreaker.” This song ebbs and flows, while focusing on a central guitar riff. While the rest of the record maintains a similar level of “rock-ness,” not every song is intended to be a head-banger. “Denouement: An Intermezzo” starts the second half of Politics with a simple mix of piano and vocals. However, no momentum is lost from the piano intermission. Even the last track “Monster” keeps high spirits in a Zebrahead-esque manner.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this record is that Vices I Admire is offering it as a free download via their website. However, that’s not all! (I’m starting to sound like an infomercial pitchman, dang). They’re giving the physical-copy CD a proper release with a show at the Bluebird on January 1. The show is only $5 with a discount ticket available on

Listen to Heartbreaker right here

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Festival Review: Warped Tour

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Concert Reviews

This review, like most things on this blog, will be multi-faceted. I’m going to try and cover the areas of live music review, overall social context, and public transportation.

To begin, I was fortunate enough to get 2 press passes to Warped Tour (unlike most of the other festivals this summer), so I brought along my friend and photographer, Patrick. Pat and I left Golden bright and early via the bus and, after getting on a bus that didn’t stop at Mile High, but went all the way to Auraria, arrived at Warped in time to get our passes, and see the first acts of the day.

Initially we ran all over the place, catching half a song here and there; just enough to get a couple decent photos. During this time we saw Chiodos, who managed to get a fairly energetic crowd for 11 am on a Sunday. More wandering and we caught a little bit of local band Vices I Admire, then it was off to Bayside.

Bayside put on a great set (it was also the first set that we stuck around for), starting things out with a NOFX cover, then moving in to some material from their Walking Wounded album. We tried to see Single File, but the crowds were just too much for the small stage they were playing, so we ended up seeing The Epilogues finish out the last couple of songs from their set.

We started kicking it old school with The Bouncing Souls. For a 20-year-old band, these guys certainly did not let age get in the way of putting on an energetic set of punk rock. At the urging of an enthusiastic guy in the press area, we decided to see Tat, a British group with a female lead. Their music did not dissapoint and the overall set was quite fun.

Up next was probably my favorite act for the entire day: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band. Armed with a few resonators, a washboard, and a drum kit, the “big” band certainly knew how to play to the crowd. Rev. Peyton himself was such a character, the kind of guy you’d expect to see running a great BBQ joint some place in the South, but with enough attitude to still come across as a bit of a punk.

Another highlight had to be Bad Religion. Another band that has been around much longer than most of the tour’s patrons have been alive, Bad Religion appeared to be entirely comfortable and connected with the stage and the crowd. After they played “Sorrow” Pat and I headed over to see Big D and the Kids Table. We saw a lot of ska that day, but nobody else had their own backup dancers.

Underoath is one of those bands that all of my hardcore-music friends are in to. I decided I might as well give them a chance, and while their brand of heavy-hitting music played well with the audience, I was quickly ready for something else. Fortunately there was more great ska readily available at Streetlight Manifesto. With one of the most energetic brass sections I’ve seen in years, Streetlight gathered a crowd, then got it moving.

Alright, one more ska band, I promise. Less Than Jake was next, and their set reminded me a little bit of seeing Goldfinger back at E-days in ’08. It was rude punk/ska, ’nuff said. Finally it was time for the big hometown closers: 3Oh!3.

The clouds rolled in and lightning struck in the distance as the set began. Soon a few drops began to fall, until it became an all-out deluge of hail and rain. The band played on. Pat and I sought shelter, 3Oh!3 played through “Don’t Trust Me,” then the set was cut short. See our video of people running away in the rain to get a better feel. Other than the weather, the music was pretty decent, and everyone there was dancing, well done boys.

Now for the discussion on public transport. In our haste to get out of there Pat and I hopped on the first bus with the correct route number, not knowing it only went about 3/4 of the way. We found ourselves on west Colfax in the middle of the night; fortunately we have friends who graciously came to pick us up. The point is: RTD, while very useful, doesn’t have the most user-friendly routes on the west side of town, so be sure you know where your bus is going before you get on.

Ok, one last topic: the social context. I am really not that old (I was born in the late 80′s), but I felt old just being surrounded by thousands of teens all dressed in their Hot Topic clothing and (ususally) ridiculous hairstyles. Perhaps it’s my own tastes/views or just the current trends, but all the kids looked the same, and most of the pop bands they were there to see sounded the same (remember we stuck to the old school bands, not the newer pop bands).

In closing, I will say I had an excellent time at Warped Tour this year. I attribute this mostly to the fact that there were so many solid, older bands at the core of the festival to provide some actual musical value. Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls, etc.: these are the bands that have been going at it for decades, they are seasoned road-warriors and punk legends, it was almost awe-inspiring to see them practice their trade in a parking lot in the Queen City.

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