San Rafael Swell, Utah

Fall break is just around the corner, and with it, comes a time to relax, let go, and… go to Utah!

Well, if you have the money to drive yourself, or signed up at the ORC, then you are going to Utah. Most students are either going home or bumming Golden. Don’t get me wrong; both are good to do sometimes, but it’s Utah! I will be scrambling through the awesome landscapes of the San Rafael Swell while many are sitting at home. I guess it’s the outdoor junkie in me that makes those options seem less tasteful.

Anyways, since I have only been to Utah once, I was wondering if there was anyone out there with knowledge of the canyon lands and areas of interest in Utah, that could give me perspective on this trip?

How does the San Rafael Swell compare to other locations like Zion National Park and Moab?

Are there any places that I should really look into (in other words- unique places that “no one” knows about)?

And, as with all trips- what tips for having a good time should I know about that are specific to this trip (if you have been to San Rafael)?

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