One Word: Ski Poll!

Gear up, shape up, and look to the sky. Snow is on the horizon and its classic smell is beginning to fill the air.

Whether or not there is actual science to back up my theory or not, I feel there comes a time in the year when a person can smell snow coming. Some can sense it earlier than others, some are more accurate than others, and some cannot smell snow even if they face planted into it off a half-pipe.

No matter the case, in my opinion, a select group of people have a definite nose for snow. I think most would agree with me on this subject, and for those people I offer this challenge.

If anyone can get within three days of the first 4-inch or more snow without going over the estimated date, I will give them and a buddy a free ride to a ski resort that I plan on going to, or, if it is relatively close, a ski resort that is on the way. The official measurement will be conducted by me with the strictest of standards.

Now, I am pretty flexible when it comes to times of travel and, since this poll is unofficial, I reserve the right to “flex” the grand prize. I may add more prizes to the list if there are a large number of blog responses.

This said, get those snow noses out and make sure you post your prediction at least 1 week before your estimated date of 4-inch accumulation. Post any further details, such as exact times of the day or night when said predictions of snowfall will begin and end, if you wish. Detailed accuracy will be considered in case of a tie.

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