Missing Paintball

Throughout the course of my outdoor adventures, one of the most memorable activities I have ever participated in is paintball.

Few outdoor sports contain the variety that paintball provides. One can be battling a middle-aged man one moment and then a 13 year-old girl the next. It provides some great diversity of play, skill, and tactical variety.

There are also numerous game formats to choose from that test different skills. One can either pick the game of best fit or continually mix it up. Personally, I have tried just about every kind, from ‘scenario’ and ‘woods ball’ to ‘speedball’ and ‘x-ball’. They are all great in their own way, but being alone and outnumbered in a camouflaged setting plays best to my personal tastes.

The sport is best known for its ability to bring everyone together. Maybe it is the natural instinct to hunt in packs, mixed with the self-empowerment that one feels when “fighting back” the opponent, that makes it such a draw. Or maybe, on a less-primal level, it is so attractive because a player gets to mark his or her friends with a wall of colorful goo and then laugh about it afterwards. This feeling of victory is fun for all, given shot placement is appropriate, and it’s great for around-the-campfire stories later on.

Paintball is an awesome indoor activity and an even better outdoor activity. However, with the restrictions on “guns” of any kind here at Mines, it is a subject less publicized than the liberal arts. Needless to say, I am lonely for the heart pounding action paintball induces and looking for opportunities to play. If anyone knows of a good spot or two where I can play, I, along with many other Mines paintballers I am sure, would not mind hearing about it.

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