Freeboards Are Not Long Boards

Summer has long been a plague to many snowboarders, but now, their need for a more snowboard-like feeling alternative has come.

Thanks mostly to my roommate I have been made aware of the new and rising sport of Freeboarding. Often times, people see him on campus and ask him what in the world he is riding or just look perplexed as he spins by. One time somebody drove by and yelled out the window, “Long boards are (expletive)!” which made us both laugh considering the fact that it was far from such distinction. As a spawn of snowboarders desiring a summer substitute to boarding, Freeboards have a much greater capacity for creativity than just the cruising attributes of long boarding.

Freeboards originated from a group of California-based riders/designers whose whole goal was to bring the feel of a snowboard to a skateboard platform. Their general appearance is a mix between a long board and regular skateboard but with three major differences.

First off, a Freeboard has semi-bindings on top for the rider’s feet to slide into. They are basically brackets that make an L-shape over the feet and greatly enhance control, which is a good thing when your board has the ability to spin going down a hill.

Secondly, the trucks are much wider than both a skateboard and long board adding to all-around stability.

Thirdly, what makes the Freeboard truly “free”, are the additional two rotating castor wheels located just inside the trucks. These additional wheels, combined with slightly raised wheels fastened like other boards to the trucks, are what give the Freeboard its ability to rotate, back-slide and slide facing squarely downhill.

All-around, it is a really cool creation and one which is sure to expand in popularity in the future. It has already received a lot of attention on sport-video websites and YouTube. So, the next time you see a unique-looking board spinning and sliding as it goes down the side-walk, remember, it is a Freeboard-not a long board.

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