The “Wells Fargo Deal”

We have all heard about the amazing deal Wells Fargo puts on for college students and staff. Most, like myself, have bought this pass. However, out of the resorts covered by this pass, which one provides the most ‘bang for your buck’?

The deal provides a buy-one get-one free pass for just over 400 buckaroos. The common way to go about getting this pass is to split it with someone and, in doing so, cut the cost to just over $200 per person. Either way, the three-way season pass includes Winter Park/Mary Jane and Copper Mountian, and is quite possibly the best deal in skiing this area has to offer. That said, of the triad of choices, which makes this deal a real steal?

In gauging this situation from a position of never having actually skied at either one, I have gone off mere logistics and statistics of the two complexes and personal style.

Copper Mountain is a little further of a drive, sitting 75 miles from Denver, compared to Winter Park, which is 67 miles away, and it has fewer acres of skiable terrain (2,450 acres versus 3,060 at Winter Park). Where I see Copper Mountain having a possible advantage is in the added distance traveled combined with more snowmaking capability. These attributes may allow for lesser crowds and an earlier/more consistent snow cover than Winter Park, especially early in the season.

Winter Park, on the other hand, has the benefit of essentially being two parks in one, with Mary Jane. As a result, longer runs, more lifts, and a greater variety of skiing add together to form a more diverse dish for skiers and snowboarders alike. They also have a greater consistency in snow cover than Copper Mountain, which means a higher probability for good skiing throughout the year.

Together, these attributes make Winter Park look more impressive numerically in comparison to Copper Mountain, but as I know from experience, the numbers do not always tell the story. As of right now, I predict Winter Park being my playground of choice, but as wisdom dictates, I shall wait until I actually go to both before I officially make up my mind.

For those of you who have gone, give me a piece of your mind concerning the two resorts. Which do you prefer and why?

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