Econo-Skier Sounding Off

We all see them on the slopes, those skiers and snowboarders who have the newest and latest gear every year. Despite often lacking the skills and job title to back up the necessity for such consistent replacement, these ‘winter wonders’ are still, for some reason, compelled to do so.

This sort of behavior is not only a terrible waste of potential gas money and a counter-intuitive action in the mindset of an econo-skier, but it is also just downright tacky. Style points for the ‘snow man’ or ‘snow bunny’ can reach epic lows not only in the eyes of econo-skiers but pros as well. How are style points awarded one may ask?

When it comes to these bright and shiny slope anomalies, most use the extent to which the person has replaced his or her gear as a rule. It is one thing to replace goggles or gloves; these things can be torn or scratched. However, to buy the newest poles, beanie, and/or jacket to match is pushing past reason.

I know there are many like myself who view these folks in this way, so I am not alone. Do not get me wrong, I still want others with my viewpoint to comment, but what I would like to see here, is for one of the people described above to comment/provide a logical rebuttal. Remember, no posers-just true-blue bill-droppers can take this position of defense.

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