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I have finally gotten around to composting again, and all it took was a little fresh air to recall that we had two unused organizer boxes (the plastic kind with the interlocking fold over lids) in the garage – they are prefect for adding some dirt, worms, and all your kitchen and garden waste to make money saving, plant loving, eco-friendly soil.

Like I’ve mentioned before, composting properly takes some time, and I am still in the experimental stage, but I think this will work better than the system I set up for my boyfriend in Houston with two small-ish trash bins, for a couple reasons:

The lid: there are bugs, animals, and weather that would like to have a crack at the goodies decomposing, and I personally think there already are enough cockroaches in the world….

Size: it is actually really important to have enough moisture (not a problem in Houston), ‘brown’ material (~ ½ by volume; any sort of dried organic stuff will work – leaves, branches, grass clippings. Thicker pieces take longer to decompose), and ‘green’ stuff from the kitchen to get this stuff to do its deed. And the material adds up fast! It will eventually decrease to approx. 1/5 the size.

Movable/storable/hide-able: these boxes can go anywhere, and they are currently on the side of the house getting sun, chilling with the car in the driveway, out of sight, out of mind, very good for the conscience.

I’ll keep you posted, but so far we have been able to “educate” our new neighbor about worms and compost, and he’s a smart little kid (about five, I’m guessing).

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