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Two quick thoughts today:

1) Why doesn’t Mines harvest the crabapples?
2) Some old-fashioned conventional wisdom: Waste not, Want not.

I have been working out of Stratton Hall for a long time, almost the whole time that I have been at Mines (come by and see me anytime, SH 104), and lately the amount of crabapples that are being swept up and tossed into the trash is really amazing. The trees this year have had a great season, wonderful flowers and now tons of fruit (not just crabapple tree, pears and apples and peaches, and cherries too).

Who is willing to join me in making some jam? I think it was at Berkeley, but definitely somewhere in California, where students got together and harvested the olives from the trees on campus, then the next year, the whole school got in on the action – let’s do it, and maybe make Mines a little more revenue…

The last bit is more of a bone I have to pick, and if I’ve already mentioned this, let me know: In my world, the reason behind being “green” and interested in “sustainability” is because it is the economic thing to do. We try pretty hard to re-use everything, or donate the things that we no longer need, compost food wastes, recycle (means we don’t pay for trash pick-up), try not to use all sorts of electricity (cheaper energy bill), shower fast and water early in the morning (save money on the water bill), etc. Now it turns out these are also good ideas for resource conservation. Wow, so, why waste? Is it a status symbol? Are we all just too lazy? Didn’t your grandmother teach you anything? Come on people, we can do it.

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