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It really is a shame that it took this huge housing loan scandal to get some folks thinking twice about buying that new random piece of junk from China. Yet, I think the recession is good news to those that are already living sustainably and responsibly, and for the rest of the western world.

I heard today that markets in Europe are continuing to slip as the faith in the capitalist economic model wavers, and rightly so: consider conservation of mass. Now, substitute money for mass and consider the system again – the goal of ever-increasing profits and continued record growth is a physically impossible concept, strictly speaking (as in all smaller-scale models, something else entirely can happen, even Communism could work…).

In any case, what I am really trying to say is that finally it will make sense to not consume tons of stuff just because we (the average “Joe”) can, because we can’t. This may encourage folks to keep stuff out of landfills (of which the available land is diminishing quickly anyway), possibly decrease our national trade deficit (we can still export the same measly amounts, mostly steel and etc., and import less mass produced things from India, China, and Mexico – as long as we read the tag and use our brains as well as our wallet), and finally find ways to lessen our energy consumption (take the bus, turn off the light, grow our own food, compost…) – all the things I’ve been telling y’all to do for months now. It may be the best way to the new world, all by some crazy accident.

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