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Further on the last entry, of course using local ingredients (and hops does grow wild in certain secluded areas in Colorado) helps. Still, the water consumption rate is significantly increased when any sort of grain or fruit alcohol is included (not only for the re-hydration of the body after all the fun…) and that is of concern in arid places like our current home.

But, some places do try to make a good beer with little impact, New Belgium Brewery being the poster child, with wind energy, recycled water, and all that other good stuff. (Note: EarthWorks will be taking a field trip there soon, so come to the meeting this Thursday if you are interested).

And, to boot, home brewing on a larger scale is a lot cheaper (at least it can be) than constantly heading to Apple Jacks or Golden Liquors for a 6-pack. Please be sure to stay within state limits of quantity brewed, and you’re not allowed to sell it – only donations are legal.

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