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Getting away from fun and drinking and back to serious things like job hunting and future planning: There is a huge movement in both renewable energy and power from coal.

Coal is good because we have a lot of it in the US, and it is better than is used to be, thanks to lots of emissions regulations out there. Actually, not too long ago I went by the old coal-powered steel mill, or something equally as evil and necessary at the time, that my mom grew up near in Dortmund, Germany. Guess what? It has been replaced by high-end condos, with the river restored, remediated, and made into a wilderness preserve-no more cheap housing for the Turkish immigrants there!

And, well, obviously we all know why renewable energy is good. I wonder, even if we could get Carnot cycles on photovoltaics, how much would we need to meet the demand? I recall hearing a stat (countering the green movement’s naivety) that all roof surfaces would need to be plastered with high efficiency panels to meet the current demand. This was a hypothetical approach, and there is plenty of wind out there to be used (and not nearly as many birds get affected by those giant turbines as they do by your window…), so not to worry too much. I’ll keep poking around for better answers.

[I also heard that there has been some sort of an issue regarding EPA enforcement and other such fun that Bush somehow found a way to get in the history books (I'll be looking into this issue and adding more later in the week)]

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