Welcome, everyone, to the new Tech Break blog. I’m the same Ian Littman who wrote the Tech Breaks in paper editions of The Oredigger. It’s just that now I’ll be pushing out multiple articles per week in blog form. Come back soon for the news, reviews, rants and raves that have come to be the hallmark of Tech Break. First up on the list: Google’s new web browser, Chrome, and Comcast’s new capping policies, LAME!

By the way, in response to a response form another member of The Oredigger staff, I was by no means bashing, in the “Back To School Buyers Guide” article, either OpenOffice or Google Docs. My point was simply that Microsoft Office has significantly more features than either of these options, and (like it or not) Microsoft document formats are a de facto standard nowadays. But don’t buy Office outright just yet; download the trial version and see how it works, beside OpenOffice and Google Docs. Then pick the one that works for you. Don’t worry, I’ll have an article about office suites, too.