Hello folks, and welcome to another edition of Tech Break. This time around, I’ll let you in on the secret of accessing your computer from just about anywhere…

First, you’ll need to get onto the network your computer is on in some way. If you’re on-campus, connecting to on-campus, just make note of your computer’s IP address (found via Start > Run > cmd > ipconfig on a PC, Network Preferences on a Mac). When on-campus, that’s all you’ll need to connect.

Outside of campus, you will need to login to Mines’ network via VPN. Get the client here:


Then set up an IPSec connection pointint to vpn.mines.edu. You’ll need Group Authentication to get halfway in the door (go to the AC&N site for these credentials) and your Mines username and password to get the rest of the way. Once you have all this information, you may connect to the Mines network via VPN and you’re ready to login to your on-Mines system remotely.