G1 Update

T-Mobile has redacted their 1GB data cap in the face of protest from the customers who might actually buy the device once it comes out. They say now that they’ll only be targeting people who abuse the network (likely by tethering their phones to their computers for high speed modem access), which would probably put the cap at a significantly higher amount.

Also, I forgot to mention a few things about the G1. First off, it has copy and paste unlike, ahem, the iPhone. Second, it uses MicroSD cards for memory expansion (they’re available in 8GB capacity now, 32GB later), and the G1 comes with a 1GB card to start you off. Third, the charging port on the phone is the same as the headphone jack (I have an HTC phone so am familiar with this situation), so you’ll need an adapter (likely included) to use regular headphones. Then again, HTC may just include a wired headset (they did with my phone), which you can use until Stereo Bluetooth support gets rolled out on the Android.

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